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Sorting by highest to lowest sub stats problem [1]

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  • Criraw[andrew7vn]
  • 2020.03.24 09:15 (UTC+0)
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First of all I'm not really sure if this is a bug or intended this way. I'm assuming many players are struggling to make this system work in the first place.

Currently if you go in the equipment manager (sword tab by default) and choose a sub stat it doesn't sort from highest to lowest (as far as I can tell it is supposed to already sort at this point).

After trying around for a bit and rereading the patch notes I found out if you not only choose a sub stat but also the main stat it starts working as intended, somewhat. But this comes with it own set of problems.

Let's say for example we are in the sword tab, so we obviously take flat attack as main stat and speed as sub stat, now the problem is it shows the 88 swords from highest to lowest speed, thenit shows 85 swords from highest to lowest speed and then 78 gear from highest to lowest speed, useable but not optimal (that's going to get even worse with 90 gear in the near future).

And that is only swords, if you want to use a necklace with high speed you have to check every single main stat while still 88 gear first, then 85 and so on.

This is quite a pain so I'm assuming that you have to select a main stat for the sorting to start is a bug, if not consider this a suggestion to change it so you don't have to select a main stat for it to start sorting which would clear every single problem.

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    2020.03.26 02:04 (UTC+0)

    I was about to write a thread explaining more or less the same but I do have some things to add.

    In my thread suggesting this feature I had asked for descending sorting regardless of enhance/ilvl and this is really what it needs to be.

    If I have a 71 neck that's at +12 and has 16spd and the next highest neck is an 85 that is +15 and has 14spd, that 71 neck needs to show first but it just doesn't right now.

    As an aside to this (and maybe part of the problem), sorting in general is acting strange in some places and is outright busted in others.

    Specifically concerning "max enhance", look at what this option shows on my tab:

    These are the first results with no filters. It's all over the place and makes absolutely no sense.

    Max enhance should sort by ilvl, then enhance lvl.

    Descending substat order needs to override max enhance to make this new feature work sans a slight redesign, because my earlier example with the +12 lv71 and the +15 lv85 would otherwise be impossible to display.

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