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I m the only one the raid hell don't drop at all ? [8]

I have a question for anyone who beat some boss in hell raid. Did you get any notable drop from them ? Aka galaxy bookmarks and exclusive equipment LV 88 ? ( Not the first time reward ) I killed so far all except the queen and still have 0 notable drop => galaxy bookmarks or exclusive equipment ( arakahan armour by example).. your opinion is appreciated :)

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    2020.03.24 04:13 (UTC+0)

    u mean like this stuff?

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    2020.03.24 08:36 (UTC+0)

    I got 4 Galaxy bookmarks out of 5 bosses, drops are just RNG not guaranteed.

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    2020.03.24 16:49 (UTC+0)

    I have a different question. Isn't the amount of AC the same as before the patch? They supposedely increased amount of gold and AC you get because now Hell Raid is monthly content and you can do only 1 bossper run but In my last 2 runs it's the same as always. I used my 43 morale team and I got almst 250AC just like I always did. Last week I got 400+ AC minus 50 from killing queen. 

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