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[Global] Casual GW capable guild seeking actives

  • RANK63
  • DAOWAce[DAOWAce]
  • 2020.03.23 15:31 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 38

Formerly someone else's guild who passed leader and left to supposedly greener pastures. I should probably do the same, but I don't like to abandon things, so here I am seeking recruitment!

Name: ForHonor

Seeking: Active players who have the ability to participate in guild war and world boss.

Requirements: Active player.  Rank 30 hard limit. Prefer 50+ for world boss teams.

Guild is set to automatically accept.  Just search for it and click join!

No real requirements other than the above; just try to login every day, donate so we can keep buffs up almost 24/7 and help out with aiding if you can (even if it means just requesting basic runes and crafting mats so others can donate to you!).

Prefer people with teams capable of winning guild wars (ex: 6x lv.60) as the mystic medal reward is higher for winning, but feel free to join even if you're not there yet (6x 50's is fine).  Really just want participation above all, as we're piling up on inactives and it's dragging the whole guild down. For some reason we've stopped getting random people joining a while ago, must've stopped showing up in the list or something..

I will be purging people who have not logged in for 2 weeks. (May shorten to 1 week once the guild fills up)  If you need a break, let us know.

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