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How to build them [2]

So while I failed getting ML char i got them instead

Any suggestion what set should I use?

And how does teneb s2 works? You cannot target her as long as she had teammate?


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    2020.03.21 20:58 (UTC+0)

    Nobody wants to give u any ideas cuz we’re all salty lol. Such flex 

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    2020.03.23 22:08 (UTC+0)

    u can use jkise using speed set for turn increase on the enemy team or as cleaver using either attack, destruction, or rage set and combo her with any mage who's using tagehel for dual turn on her s2 + s3. 
    while steneb can be used as stealthy hitter without worries getting counter (except elbris procs) bcs her s1 doesnt proc counter from enemies, and yeah she cant be targeted on the battle as long as she had a teammate

    and btw congrats man for the ml heroes 

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