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2 star fodder farm [3]

Can anyone share some tips on farming 2 star fodders? I always seem to run out faster than i can farm them, even with friendship points.

Tried the labyrinth trick on adventure but the bosses doesn't seem to drop fodders, stopped after a few tries, was it just my luck? It doesn't seem worth doing it, energy and effort wise.

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    2020.03.04 14:32 (UTC+0)

    it's not all adventure maps. It is specifically the ones that you can get down to -30 or -50 morale.9-4 in the 9 region is one there is also one in the 9-2 region but I forgot which specific one it was.

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    2020.03.04 22:54 (UTC+0)

    you don't have 60k+ FP at any given time?

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    2020.03.17 17:34 (UTC+0)

    I'm not sure this will help, but I usually don't focus too much on fodder farming specifically. I usually have one 2* fodder and one dog, with 2 heroes, and I farm mats in Adventure or side story currency. In the side story I either go for 12 AP node for efficiency, or 20 AP node for a little faster currency accumulation (my clear times on each node are about the same). I know this isn't particularly fantastic efficiency, but for me this approach is well balanced because it ensures I can get the mats I know I'll need at some point. Even if I don't need those specific mats, there is that function in the Alchemist Steeple where you can trade in mats for other mats. It keeps the burnout down from leveling too many fodder at once. Even so I can 6* a hero in a little over an hour. I usually run out of gold dogs before anything else. 

    I should also mention to pace yourself. Focus on the heroes you need at the moment, not just every hero that's "hot" right now.

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