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New Player advice wanted [7]

Hey all I’m New to Epic Seven and just started yesterday. I’m currently at 2-4 and have already done my selective summon to get this girl named Angelica(heard she was necessary) but I didn’t get any other characters I like. My team right now is Angelica, Ras, Carmainerose and Mercedes. I also have kluri but I read that she isn’t good until I get access to 3 star awakenings so no point in using her now. I wanna replace my other 3 units before I progress further in the story and start investing more resources. Do you guys have any recommendations for what I should aim to fill my other 3 slots with like is there a tier list for summonable heroes or specific roles I should watch out for. I’m willing to drop some money as long as I can get a strong PVE team before getting deeper into the game.

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    2020.02.23 22:03 (UTC+0)

    As you’re starting up, you’ll definitely need a strong AoE nuker. Having Angelica is great though, as she is one of the best PvE and PvP healers. Mercedes will get you pretty far, as I used her all the way through the main story as my AoE damage dealer. Ras falls of really quickly though...

    The story gives you tons of crystals, which you can use to buy packs for summoning in the shop. I highly recommend completing all bonuses in the story to gain crystals and try to summon for a good nuker. If you simply google “Epic Seven [hero name]” the first link should take you to a fanpage with a black background. This website will tell you a hero’s stats, uses, user ratings, and recommended builds to help you optimize their abilities.

    Good luck, and happy summoning!!!

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    2020.02.24 00:38 (UTC+0)

    save all your SK for limited units, pvp is good until challenger, complete abyss whenever you can, complete all labs and raids, complete story, at first focus on building your main dps and main healer, oh and did i mention that pvp is good until challenger? then its all pay to get stronger.

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    2020.02.24 03:00 (UTC+0)

    First I recommend looking for a guild or looking for a Facebook group to ask for more advice, flush and mercy can help you until you have more characters, consent to do the daily missions since they collect things that you need to focus on performing the missions that you appear and finish the first part of the story, add friends that you can use in the adventure and try to do the events in secondary missions and get the resources, buy in the store 2 packages, one of diamonds daily for 1 month and another of energy for a month that will help you a lot and wait for the exciting characters you can get

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    2020.02.24 10:01 (UTC+0)

    Do all the story missions and side story quests and gain those sky stones. Save them, a limited banner is about to come. Buy bookmarks using sky stones you have collected. Summon on limited banner. Look out for a 3* hero named Lena and Teranor Gaurd. Angelica will help you in every content of the game. Don't invest too much in to Ras or Mercedes. (Lena and Teranor are not limited by might as well go for a limited character while keeping an eye out for those).

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    2020.02.24 18:23 (UTC+0)

    Angelica is a really good healer.

    However, you did not mention any 5* nat hero.

    If you do intend to play a while, it might be worth to reroll and try to get a decent 4* healer (angelica or achates) plus a 5*.

    The 5* is usually a dps, preferably a farmer.

    Classical farmer is vildred, but other hero can help (luluca can be nice at start) and  choose hero which you like.

    Tamarine (healer 5*) is quite, especially if paired with iseria (5*) but that would be for later

    Check one the wiki

    -> https://epic7x.com/characters/

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    작성자 2020.02.25 04:36 (UTC+0)

    Thanks to everyone who commented so far. Continued playing story currently at Savara with Mercedes, Taranor Guard, Angelica and Carmainerose. I haven't purchased the 950 skystone covenant pack but hopefully ill get a good 3 star or higher from those summons. I notice that sometimes when i try to complete a mission i cant fulfill all three goals the first time around because an area is locked. is that supposed to happen? or do some require you to complete missions and then come back to the friendly one later on to open the area and fulfill the last part. Last question is about artifacts. I understand how gear works for the most part(percentage is good, flat stats are bad on right side, red and purple are the ones worth enhancing) but are artifacts necessary and is there anything i should know about them off the top of your head.

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    2020.02.25 19:24 (UTC+0)

    Some area need indeed to be visited again later because some area are locked and will later unlocked via story.
    Some time you can also directly play the area a second time and the "locked area" will then be open.
    Keep in mind that if you yield, you get your energy back, so nothing to lose if you want to check it right away.

    A few artifacts are key changer for some heros and can have major impacts. It often depends on how they complement or enhance the hero kit. Most of the good ones are 4* or 5*.
    However, do not focus too much on them at start.


    Joker (3*) is really good in hunt and against boss with high HP. Keep at least two. 

    Vial (4*) is great as it cleanse at the start of he hero turn and can help some healer that does not have cleanse (ex: angelica)

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