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Emulator enthusiasts, please enlighten me with your knowledge of the best emulator to play this lovely of a game on. My main concern is fps and graphics. I have a laptop with i7-8750H and GTX 1060, 8Gb ram. i tried Bluestack and Nox, but they seem to lag a lot when I use skills and never seem to be able to archive at least 60fps consistently. Also tried LDplayer but the game never actually able to install, and now I'm stuck with this leftover file after the uninstallation process is completed so prob wouldn't wanna use that unless its actually that good. any suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks:)

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    2020.02.17 18:45 (UTC+0)

    People use Nox.

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    2020.02.28 10:39 (UTC+0)

    You have to activate your Virtualization on BIOS settings. It helps a lot but you won't find any smooth gameplay of Epic 7 on EMU. 

    It's only Epic 7, other games are so smooth.

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    2020.03.04 14:50 (UTC+0)

    Bluestacks is good but there are some issues with constant 60fps. Here are some tips to get good fps tho.

    Go to settings> Game settings> Settings and enable High quality support and disable special effects.

    Make sure  that you are using 2+ cores in bluestacks settings and if it isn't available go to bios and enable virtualization

    Select opengl as the engine and don't enable advanced graphics but do enable prefer dedicated if you can.

    Set your powerplan in windows to high performance.

    From what I have seen epic 7 generally caps fps at 60 but I think razer phone with gamebooster and maybe asus rog phone 2 can exceed it but I don't know enough about that to comment on it. Lastly the aoe lag is impacted by some protections in windows called spectre and meltdown you can use a program called inspectre from grc but this is a SAFETY feature so ur at risk if u turn it off but you can temporarily turn it off and check the fps to determine if it is even worth the risk to you.

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