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Mascots (Asia) looking for semi pro and semi casual members

Guild: Mascots

Level: 20

Members: 28/30

Region/Server: Asia

Description:Semi casual guild hovering around rank 25-50. Looking for 5 active members for Guild wars.Currently we have semi pro and semi casual members and welcome all players as long you are active in Guild wars. We welcome anyone as long you are active and try your best every war.


- Rank 65 preferred

*- Active in game and discord- Challenger+ preferred

*- Active for Guild wars and World boss

-Post tower info in discord

- All guild rules are available in our discord, so we encourage people to join in!If interested, please join https://discordapp.com/invite/Pffctcm  or join us at Mascots directly if you meet our criteria 

We Offer:
*Friendly community willing to help you in anything if possible

*Active Discord with all the information needed to be the best if you are aiming to be one.

*24/7 EXP & Gold Buffs.

*x5 Mystic Rewards

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