Epic Seven


Guild Recruitment


Guild name: SteinsGate

Server: Global

Guild Level: 20

Members: 25/30


  1. Donate dailyRequest aid daily (catalyst only during weekends)
  2. People inactive for more than 7 days without warning us might get kicked to make room for new active members, so just mention you can be there for a time and it will avoid this.
  3. Rank, we can discuss about it aslong as you are improving but mostly 50+
  4. Arena rank Master V (we can discuss about it aswell and help you to get there)As for GW, use your 3 atks and a minimum of 225k CP as defense teams (both combine), real teams not 6 dps thx (we can discuss about it too).

If interested or have any questions, pm me! Juanfeis#8321

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