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Enjoyment vs engagement [3]

I've just gotten back into the game, (because people should be rewarded when they do good) and it took me exactly ONE DAY to feel that my efforts don't matter, and I've just wasted my time. And that's just because there's too much randomness in the game. While playing other gatcha I realized that the reason why I never have any negative vibes from any of the others is that there simply isn't as much RNG in them like this one. There's also too much engagement in this one, the stuff you're expected to do in engaging with it completely (and getting any semblance of value) is way too much.

I mean yeah duh all of them have RNG but quantity, methods, and mechanics are important. And I don't even think it's something patchable or fixable for Epic Seven, the devs bless 'em have been thinking of all kinds of ways to fix it, to tame the issue to counter it. But I think this is a core problem, a game design philosophy problem, it's also a monetization philosophy problem.

Any game that's as aggressively monetized, as RNG-reliant, with such an aggressive content schedule, and micro-managing approach as Epic Seven, is going to have the exact same issue. And I think there are some out there, and they do have the same problems. But then again there are some out there that don't have this approach and by consequence don't have these problems.

- release events less frequently, uncap their rewards completely, make them bigger, more involved, do event reruns.
- reduce combat RNG mechanics, fine-tune all other RNG mechanics in the game, except the gatcha, also fix the damn effectiveness/effect resistance systems
- release the level cap and reputation caps
- fine-tune progression mechanics

Some things exist in Epic Seven that straight up shouldn't exist in an enjoyable game.

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    2020.02.14 04:29 (UTC+0)

    You do realize that you basically said I don't like this game, make it more like how I like it.

    There are about 200 thousand players daily (this is a rough estimation from the number of participants in day 1 web events. There have been two so far that recorded the number of participants in the web event per day. This inadvertently works as a number log of people who log in and play the game -- participating in web events requires some form of playing the game, daily.) that do find beating the RNG rewarding.

    Second, you ultimately suggested, and I don't know if this was accidental, was for this game to become more p2w. Let the people who spend to buy more resources be rewarded with the ability to push ahead in a more significant way than just beating RNG by creating methods for splurging.

    The only non game skewing/game breaking request you made was to fine tune progression. And this suggestion was quite vague as is.

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    2020.02.14 04:32 (UTC+0)

    You fail to realize that the RNG and Stat caps are part of the game balance. Especially in a game aiming to hold its own as an rpg with competitive elements.

    If you don't like this game, with all of it's strict and functional improvements since launch, then this game, despite how nice the art/plot may be, is not for you.

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    2020.02.14 23:26 (UTC+0)

    Totally agree.

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