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Hi Everyone!

My guild, Stormfight, is looking for new members to add to its ranks. We are a level 19 guild on the global server, looking for end-game players who can hold their own in both guild wars and PvP. We are also looking for players who enjoy the challenge of abyss, the grindiness of hunts, and the horrible RNG of equipment, character pulls, and everything else. Most importantly, we are looking for active players, who login and play frequently - not because you feel you have to, but because you want to.  We pride ourselves on being a guild that is comprised of individuals from various backgrounds, cultures, and experiences and hope that you will be a great addition to our already diverse group!

Our guild has a number of rules that we ask our guild mates to follow. Please acknowledge and review these rules before joining:

1.) Be active, kind, and friendly :3! 

2.)  People who are inactive for 4+ days may be kicked unless the guild leader or a vice-leader are informed as to why you are going to be inactive, either through in-game message or through the guild discord. 

3.) You can request whatever materials you wish, just try and keep in mind to not always request catalysts. 

4.) Please update your guild defense every Saturday and check everything to make sure your good to go for guild wars ^^! 

5.) Please attempt and try guild wars even if you think you might lose, as any points is better then none! 

6.) It's fun and good to joke around but if someone feels uncomfortable and asks you to stop please respect their wishes.

As mentioned above, we have a guild discord that you are free to join once you become a member.

Looking forward to seeing you in game!

XOXO - Cold

"The cold never bothered me anyway" 

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    2020.02.14 00:25 (UTC+0)

    Add me pls hulk006

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