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[EU] top 30 guild Plague Recruiting! [1]

Guild info
-Level: 16
-Members: 26/30**(3 GW SLOTS LEFT)**
-Kind: Competitive (English guild, mostly UTC time zone)
-RANK 34 5x Reward Ratio

-Exp & Gold Buffs: 24/7
-Good guild supply chest and energy routine

-Region: E U R O P E

-be able to get challenger 5 in arena!
-Join the Discord, and be **active** on it.

About Us
Plague is a starting competitive guild that is looking to be in the top 10 in the future.
Our Discord is really active and full with helpful player, we also have entertaining and handy bots!

If you can't apply yet or you just wanna chill with us then feel free to join our Discord!, we got nice emotes :)

If you wanna apply or have any questions DM: Vyrem#5838 Anton#6367 Vuscus#0507 on DISCORD

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    2020.02.18 14:53 (UTC+0)


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