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Guild Recruitment

(Global)Death's Door is knocking, will you answer!?

Guild Name: Deathsdoor

Region / Server: Global Level: 16

Membership: 11/30

USA Based-CST Zone 

We are currently trying to rebuild our guild. We just purged some of the old guard and are looking to start fresh.

No heavy management, we just want our hand at more mystics and other guild goodies. 

If you are looking for guild resources with little yap from upper management Death's Door is the place to be!


24H-Buffs will resume once recruiting is complete

Info network- We are always looking for the latest builds, tip, tricks, and team comps.

Comradery-We are all about the salt pulls and flaming the fickle deity that is RNG.


No arena rank requirements nor level minimums-Would be more than happy to help new players learn the game

Be active-After 14 days my kicking finger gets itchy. 

Participate in GWs-Win or lose, every point helps

Donate and provide aid-Good for you and the guild

Update GW defense team-More wins = more mystics 

Account verification via discord-you do like memes right?

Just apply in game @ "Deathsdoor" I'll be waiting to approve you!

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