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Enhancing with dupe problem [1]

Cannot use a dupe to enhance a max limit broken artifact.

I am trying to improve my wyvern 11 team, so I decided to finally +30 one of my daydream jokers.

I tried to level up my +15 max limit broken daydream joker with another +15 max limit broken daydream joker.

It says I can't do this because it is at max limit break. Please fix this. It doesn't make any sense. 

Dupes gave experience before reaching max limit break. Why should that no longer be the case? Especially since they can be used to level up other artifacts.

You should be able to use dupes for experience even if max limit broken. 

Not sure if this is also the case for SSS heroes, but if it is that should also be changed for the same reasons.

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    2020.02.13 06:08 (UTC+0)

    Hi, Heir Darkorem110! Our Epic Seven customer service team would be glad to assist you and check your game records. Please submit a 1:1 inquiry about this issue. Thank you! 

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