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Pull for Cermia [2]

So I put about 250 BMs into the Cermia banner, so far no boarder coin and no Cermia.

Should I keep going until i get her? She will definitely help me beat G11 much easier and faster  



To Pull or not to pull

2020.02.13까지 ∙ 18명 참여 ∙ 공개

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  • 33.33%6표

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    2020.02.12 03:51 (UTC+0)

    If you're that deep in, may as well go for it, not like ur pulls are saved for the next one.

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    2020.02.12 06:02 (UTC+0)

    Is there any other character that can say "I one shot every turn?." I was doing RTA, got lucky when they didn't ban my Cermia. Went up against Dark Corvus with 30k hp, one shoted him for 32k. You build her right and she won't disappoint.

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