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  • 2020.02.11 22:22 (UTC+0)
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✨🏆🏆TOP 30 Guild 🏆✨✨  
Currently top 24 and we are going for more Join us 

Are you looking for a guild that is competitive, but not insanely hardcore? 
0% stress guaranteed! 😃 !! 
Well, we are the best option for you! We are a top 30 guild usually between top 20-30 who are able to hold our own against other strong guilds while maintaining a fun, healthy environment of competition and endearing players. 

We are searching for individuals who have some sort of experience in top end GvG, with some exceptions, of course, who can hold their own. 

WAIT !!! 😱You don't want to leave your friends behind? Bring them all !!! We have 1-5 special spots for your buddies. The only condition they must be able to win in top gvg and work as a team with us If your group comes from a top guild disbanded this is your opportunity to start again 😉 

Do not be afraid! Let us give you a chance at tasting the fires of war! 

We Offer the What:     
• Lively amperes, helpful Discord Community     
• 24/7 BUFF UPS     
• Sharing from Catalysts     
• the Support Voice Chat     
• Team Building Help for GVG 
    • Amperes TOP END GVG Experience 
the What we are Searching for: 
• Individuals have the WHO. Previous the High END GvG experience 
• Individuals who know how to follow set rules regarding server and GvG
• Individuals who are in Challenger / Champion / Legend 
• Individuals who are open to assistance regarding team building for offense and defense. 
How to apply: 
Send me your current guild war defense, along with your best units that you have built currently through Discord @Vcrox, or through Facebook. We will evaluate if you're eligible to join. 
Don't let this opportunity slip from under you! Lend us your skills, and be part of our family today!


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