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Please reconsider the Charlotte rework. [4]

As it currently stands this rework would be a total nerf to her S3 with the requirement of FS and the 34% (base) dmg reduction. 

I propose that instead of needing to consume 100 FS her S3 consumes all FS, with dmg scaling based on how much FS is consumed, giving results similar to how her S3 works with the current focus system. 

As for the base damage reduction, it's WAY too much of a nerf. Scale it back to -20% tops.

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    2020.02.11 07:24 (UTC+0)

    You don't know it's nerf or not, in fact no one really does and people said it is basically only hates that rework. Just wait until after rework and see how it goes, if it's too much they prolly will buff it, like rework Ken and his consecutive buffs

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    2020.02.11 14:32 (UTC+0)

    Say this when we can test it, coz it might turn into a bug first yknow?

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    2020.02.12 05:04 (UTC+0)

    I don't think she is totally nerf in PVE because if you build her right, she can deal AOE and get 20% CR every turn.

    Even if she deal little lower dmg in boss fight but she will clear all minions very fast in exchange. 

    For me, her problem should be in PVP instead. This rework will improve her in PVP but still not that easy to use. She will be similar to Fire Ravi. Who get kill before fighting spirit full or leave alone and 1V4 in the end.  They need to adapt some skills.

    S1 - It's right that her S1 AOE should be only in her turn but separate 20% CR bonus out. Change S1 increase 10% CR and 10% more if buffed. So she can push herself CR with counter.

    S3 - Make this skill has colddown and can use since battle start same as current.  The more fighting spirit(FS) the more this skill deal dmg.  0 FS = 0.9 dmg ,increase 0.1 every 20 FS and deal 1.6 at 100 FS.  If use this skill with 100 FS, this skill colddown not occur. If this look too strong, they can remove 100% crirate or unhealable.

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    2020.02.12 19:23 (UTC+0)

    Charlotte is just a Knight version of Ravi with this rework.

    They're destroying Charlotte's unique niche to make her into a common bruiser unit.

    She's still gonna be able to spam her S3, but not nearly as well, AND it will do far less damage.

    Her S1 is also getting a damage nerf because it's going to become AoE.

    If Charlotte is put on Lifesteal set with Elbris, she will work the same as Counter Ravi does now. Both will counter and lifesteal while getting FS until they can AoE. The difference being, Charlotte would do more damage, while Ravi has utility on her S3. With MenZKung's suggestion of letting Charlotte gain CR on counters, she'll be even closed to being a Knight Ravi clone.

    The problem with Charlotte is, she's too stat hungry. CR boost on counter will help a LOT because it means she won't care as much about speed or crit chance, letting her become more bulky. Without that, she still needs crit chance for S1, AND speed, on top of bulk  AND damage, Her rework is a MESS.

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