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Remove 15% debuff failure [3]

Debuffs being resisted should be caused by effect resistance. Not an overarching game mechanic that causes units with 0 effect resistance to resist debuffs.

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    2020.02.11 01:26 (UTC+0)

    Is this on abilities that have a 100% chance to land?

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    2020.02.11 06:37 (UTC+0)

    Me too really hate hidden 15% resistance. Banshee 11 resisted def break 5 times in a roll. 

    Really want SG to remove it, at least in PVE.

    To be fair in PVP, right now effectiveness is overpower than resistance.  If you want to resist 100% from enemy with 70% effectiveness, you need to have 140% resistance.  Maybe this is why SG put this hidden 15% resist.  So as long as effectiveness is still overpower, 15% resistance is still exist.

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    2020.02.11 23:16 (UTC+0)

    What you're asking will never happen.

    My friend made an online gambling game a few weeks ago. The game advertises as "I guarantee you will have 85% chance to win something every time you bet". But *** knows, he also made this formula to make sure the 15% chance of not getting anything will happen more often to people who don't bet as much as the people who bet more. He said that 15% chance gives him the power to manipulating the game. 

    My first reaction is this is bad dude. You don't run a business like that. 

    I don't know if the people who play his game know it but for me I will never spend real money on a mobile gambling game. I rather go to a real casino and sit down on a table and actually touch the cards and interact with real people.  

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