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Guild Recruitment

[GLOBAL] Steins;Gate is *recruiting*! Lets save Kurisu together

Guild name: SteinsGate

Server: Global

Guild Level: 20

Members: 25/30


  1. Donate daily
  2. Request aid daily (catalyst only during weekends)
  3. People inactive for more than 7 days without warning us might get kicked to make room for new active members, so just mention you can be there for a time and it will avoid this.
  4. Rank, we can discuss about it aslong as you are improving but mostly 50+
  5. Arena rank Master V (we can discuss about it aswell and help you to get there)
  6. As for GW, use your 3 atks and a minimum of 225k CP as defense teams (both combine), real teams not 6 dps thx (we can discuss about it too).

About us:

We want to build a friendly guild and be a group, no lone wolves here that just want mystic medals, people active on discord will always be welcome no matter the pace of their game as long as they are active and talkative.

We mostly want to have fun together and improve as a group over grinding alone.

Goal: Save Kurisu without changing the past. EL PSY KONGROO

If interested or have any questions, pm me!

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