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[Closed] Epic Seven 2020 Fan Art Contest – Final Round [1]

  • Dominiel
  • 2020.01.30 06:00 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 1853


Hello Heirs,

This is GM Dominiel!

Finally, the final round of the 2020 Fan Art Contest is here!

Heirs, who do you think had the best Fan Art? Vote now and find the artist with the golden brush! 


■ Epic Seven 2020 Fan Art Contest – Final Round 

1. Schedule: 1/30 (Thu) ~ 2/12 (Wed) 23:59 UTC

2. Details: 

To participate, tap on the Event banner in the Main Lobby. After tapping the event banner, there will be an Epic Seven 2020 Fan Art Contest Banner. Players must tap that to participate in the event. 


Step 1. Complete Daily Missions

If you complete any one of the Daily Missions, you will be given a Voting Slip! 

You can receive up to 3 Voting Slips daily. When you vote, you will receive 30 Energy as a reward. 


Step 2. Vote for your favorite artist

Use Voting Slips earned during Daily Missions to find the artist with the golden brush. 


Step 3. Receive gifts for voting 

Heirs will receive gifts for voting! The gifts will be given based on the cumulative number of votes.  


3. Result Announcement & Reward Distribution Schedule: 2/17 (Mon) 

Grand Prize (Fan Art with the most Votes)30 Galaxy Bookmarks + 2,000 Skystones

Runner-Ups (Fan Art with the second and third most Votes)15 Galaxy Bookmarks


 Please Note!

- Daily missions will reset based on your server reset time.

* Korea/Asia: 18:00 UTC

* Global: 10:00 UTC

* Europe: 03:00 UTC

Who will be the artist with the golden brush? Vote to find out! 


Thank you

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  • images
    2020.01.31 04:01 (UTC+0)

    Awesome! Having two events at once is giving us plenty of free energy and other rewards, thank you! Also, I would love to see who the artists are for each of the works, giving proper credit to each please!

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