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Game Maintenance


Game Maintenance

[Update] 1/30 (Thu) Update Content [158]


 Hello Heirs,

 This is GM Dominiel!


 Please note that for this week, there will not be a maintenance period and the update will be applied automatically.

1. New Hero - Pavel

A young member of the Perland Raiders who is responsible for the safety of Cidonia has come to meet you!

A Hero with the ability to grant himself increase Attack is ready to meet you in the Covenant Summon area!

■ Pavel


[Hero Introduction]


[Skill Introduction]


2. New Artifact – Dux Noctis

A Ranger exclusive Artifact, which increases the Attack if the caster when an ally inflicts a critical hit has been added!


3. Pavel & Dux Noctis Drop Rate Up

Meet Pavel, a young Perland Raider with an exceptional talent for tracking and navigation inherited from his parents, and the Ranger Exclusive Artifact, Dux Noctis, which shines bright on nights when you can see the moon clearly and holds a wolf’s power in this Drop Rate Up event!


■ Schedule

1/30 (Thu) 03:00 ~ 2/13 (Thu) 02:59 UTC

4. Side Story – Two Wolves

Pavel passed the Perland Raiders' entrance exam with flying colors, but his life in the Raiders has been nothing but awkward. On top of that, Violet and Cerise start lauding him as their lifesaver and asking him to be their friend. Will Pavel really be able to get closer to these two?

■ Schedule

1/30 (Thu) 03:00 ~ 2/13 (Thu) 02:59 UTC


■ How to Enter

After reaching Account Rank 9, go to the Lobby and tap [Battle] > [Side Story].

■ How to Play

Two Wolves is a 2 week Side Story. 

Players will need to clear certain stages, complete various reputations and quests, and collect special Side Story currency which can be exchanged for other items!   

* When playing through the side story region, urgent missions in the adventure region may occur.        

* Players will be able to obtain 2★ monsters and catalysts from regions in the side story. Please check ‘region information.’

[Event Currency]



[Wolf Leash]

A leash for Pavel's wolf, Ralph, specially made in a larger size. Ralph loves to take the leash off the moment Pavel looks away, making him constantly vigilant.


[Enhanced Heroes]



Attack, Health, Defense – 50% Increase


Attack, Health – 30% Increase


* Enhanced Heroes only receive benefits when used in the specified Side Story.

[Stage Difficulty]

- Stage [4. Fugitive's Footfall Forest] of the Side Story is comprised of various difficulty levels that players can select.

- Players may select a higher difficulty after successfully clearing the one before it.  

- Higher difficulty stages require more energy to enter but provide a greater amount of event currency.


- Players will be able to exchange the event currency, Wolf Leash for items in the Exchange. Players can obtain this currency by clearing battles in the Side Story.  

- Players will be able to exchange event currency for items up to one week after the Side Story ends. 
Thank you!

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You're not seriously going to make us wait until the end or march just to remove pet snacks? 

There's a lot of things people ask for that's a lot harder than it sounds but making a system that automatically repeats up to a limit is a very easy thing to implement. This patch especially you could have implemented it since there is very little aside from a hero release which is the same exact thing every time aside from you swapping the character. 

I've already given up on getting anything added to Abyss or Labyrinth at this point, but at least give us auto repeat there's already a lot of people using macros to do it theirs doesn't have a limit like the one you're going to put in the game as the official system.

You can't expect people to keep falling for the same tricks again and again, you can't just keep telling your community that you'll just do it later while you make that list longer.

A lot of people already left for Arknights, imagine how many more we'll lose when Grand Cross is out.


I don't want to complain but this is pretty formulaic, rinse and repeat. New character with a new artifact, coming with a side story in identical format as anything as before...

It's getting pretty boring. Waiting for any sort of endgame content.


Cermia banner please

Even your big content creators are jumping ship for #blackdesertmobile 

I want to stick with this game but the packs are super expensive in my opinion. I am down with spending money but 100 USD for a 4* hero is ludicrous... Alot of higher events require leifs which while they feel plentif dissapear quick as they give less than full energy. Limiting auto play still is a problem? We are playing your game trying to enjoy it. And a few other things I cannot give my opinion as I am still mid game... I wish for the best and hope to see changes before the year ends. I love this game so much and to see it turn into blizzard lately is saddening.



Hits like a wet noodle.

Smilegate do you even test your hero’s before you release them. You just ripped off a bunch of people with pavel smh

You guys litterly need to shut up and enjoy the game. U shouldn't be complaining. It's a good game and the devs work really hard. Just because u don't have auto replay u wanna leave? Come on guys u need to get over yourselves. It's a competitive game and I'm here to stay. I'm gonna continue to play n appreciate this game. You guys are just a bunch of complainers I've never seen a community so toxic. 

Why is there always one user every once in a while with a different nickname that backs up SG whilst berating other users? I feel SG employs these people to comment, to defend them. Honestly, look back at all the different posts, theres always ONE person that defends SG and simultaneously berates other users for their comment.

Upvote for awareness!

Nope you just cant accept the fact that we are fed up with crybabies. Seriously just gross. Go away. 

Lol cant accept the fact other players sick of you kids crying so much?  Oh right I should berate you now. Umm gimme your account after you quit ok? Thank you love you so much. 

I think. I want another chapter for ep2 soon!!!. I really enjoy the story...and more event buff gold and free unequip lol. 

I wonder how many people in this comment section are new... -.- It may be time to jump ship. I saw some comments about grand cross?? Meh I'll check it out

Good riddance. Why do you guys have to announce you're leaving? Just go. Nobody wants or cares if you're here.

profile image

SofteThank you for replying to my comment. It really shows that you care :,) maybe I'll stick around. Here have a heart <3

profile image

ThunderDudThis the $hit I'm talking about..."waaaaah ima quit too" stays... attention seeking liars

profile image

ShogunateWhat I seek is change sir. You see I have a dream. A dream that one day there will be a gatcha game like no other. A gatcha game that rises above the rest and sets a new standard for mobile gaming while introducing new and exciting ways to play. Epic 7 is definantly setting the standard that's for sure but not in a good way. And so here I am, waiting for change. I have half a mind to make my own damn game -.-

I noticed the useless whiny comments usually come from usernames that aren't registered (eg. epic#xxxx).

Are they perhaps from a single old fart who cries in his mother's basement all day? Only time will tell.

I agree. I don't know what's wrong with these ***** trolls

alright y’all let’s band together for the first time in e7 history to summon him and catch the devs’ attention so we get more male units faster 

Of course they will wait for the end of March to remove Pet Snacks, they need to give something to compete with the Launch of the 7DS, this is the best they can do hahahahaha
 How to turn a good game into garbage, part 16.

...lilibet  banner would be niceeee


Since y'all are releasing earth heros lol

I don't get why people complain so much about this game. Granted, it's a tad upsetting tat the auto system hasn't been put in place this week, but at least they are going to. Why on earth do people complain about a new hero? It's a nice touch that happens a lot and is exciting to try and pull them and test them out. So many games don't bring in new characters for months on end and that is boring personally. This game is a work of art both visually, gameplay and story wise. They could literally give nothing every week and instead only do so every month or 2, then it'd be incredibly boring and would actually be worth moaning about. To all the people giving this game constant **** should go and stop playing mobile games altogether and let smilegate workers actually get appreciation for the hard work they put in. Let's give this game love and not hate, as they have given us plenty of love and entertainment for a long time. 

😂 it's actually kinda sad for me to see that the players here are discontent about how much effort SG has put into the game and try to make it good for the players. 

All they do Is complain, complain and complain, wishing that SG "compensate" them with more ML summons, "new contents", more buffs, more needs etc etc. 

Bunch of greedy cry babies 🤦🏻‍♀️

An alternative to watcher schuri  with the possibility to buff himself,  I'd rather stay with my sniper who can one shot any DPS 

Wonderful as always, great seeing more male characters. Thanks SG!!

It seems like you're giving him a messy kit to turn around and say "See people don't want guy characters!" shady. I'm not counting ML units because how you set them up favors people who are willing to spend a lot of money. The new guy mls are kind of terrible anyway.

At some point all these crybabies would get tired of the same complaint right? Move on, if this game is stagnating why stay? Quitting is beneficial for everyone.

Please remove the pet snack requirement for auto battle now and figure out what to do with the currency later. 

Same sh@t over and over. 

Same complaint over and over. Don't like it? Play something else.

profile image

0kawarLol ikr, SG is just trying their best to cater and satisfy to different player's needs and all they get in return is complains over complains. Regardless of how many improvements SG's made, the players will still not be satisfied. Bunch of babies 🤦🏻‍♀️

profile image

snwdrLets just hope they arent doing their best right now cause if that is their best they can do then daaaaamn thats odd. Releasing a new hero every once and then with a copy pasted sidestory (like the yufine one, you just grind another resource), phew i hope they arent breaking any fingers right now.

It'd probably be better if you actually provided some in-depth suggestions for where and how they can improve the game. This kind of comment benefits nobody. How are they supposed to improve if all the complaints they got were as nondescript as this? They'd have to fire blindly and hope they do something right. It's okay to be dissatisfied, but at the very least provide some feedback on how they can improve the game so you'd enjoy it more.

Luna Banner, for new players to effectively and efficiently clear and farm wyvern 11

You can use Karin in replacement for Luna you know, Luna is a limited banner.. don't expect SG to re-run a limited banner that many times man lmao.

She will likely not see a return before next Halloween. It's overall not that long ago since she was on a banner. And yeah, you don't need Luna for Wyvern 11 at all. There's a good number of alternatives, even Alexa, a 3 star unit, can be your main DPS for W11, together say with Taranor Guard and Angelic Montmorancy (she'd be the tank), both 3 star units as well. No MolaGora needs to be invested to max their potential either. Throw in the free to obtain Furious as a fourth unit perhaps? No need to Mola invest in him. Or you can use Yuna, also free to obtain. There's a whole cast of easily accessible units that you can use to clear and farm W11 with.

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