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Arbiter Vildred S3 w/ 5 focus disable A Ravi's Skill Nullifier. [1]

As title says, when A Ravi kill Arby S3, both revives and gain 100%CR as the revived receive skill nulifier as expected, but the problem is when Arby use S3 with full focus, it simply vanish nulifier and kill the revived, isn't supposed to negate damage? Pity I haven't record this.

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    2021.06.10 21:10 (UTC+0)

    Seems it's still a problem in the game. I just experienced this too except I was on the giving end not the receiving end. I was using my Basar, Arby cleave with Pavel and T.Surin (Yes, this team worked) against a full bruiser team with Lilias, A.Ravi, A.Tywin and Diene. So everyone was dropped extremely low, Diene was dead to Pavel and Lilias was dead to T.Surin (Both my units were dead at this point too) Guy S3's with Ravi into Basar and revives Lilias, Lilias then kills Arby who comes back and S3's straight through the skill nullifier. I initially thought it was the greater atk buff that caused it since GATK for some reason also allows him to do more than 51% damage against T.Surin but it seems it's just his S3 bypassing the Nullifier.

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