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[Update] 1/23 (Thu) Update Content [71]

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2020.01.22 11:03 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 81050

Hello Heirs!

This is GM Dominiel


In the 4th week of January, the Official Opening of the Word Boss and the improved rewards you have been waiting for will arrive!

See the changes below!

We also have information about the newest Hero [Ambitious Tywin] that will enter the Mystic Summon rotation!

Plus there are also new convenience changes that await you!


1. World Boss – Official Opening

The World Boss will officially open after the pre-season. 

Fight the Boss with support from your Guild members in the revamped World Boss


■ How to Unlock World Boss

After reaching Account Rank 50 or higher, players will be able to access the World Boss. 

- Additionally, players must be part of a Guild in order to access the World boss. 


■ Supporters 

Supporters must be assigned for each Enhanced Element and each of the four slots. 

*Players will not be able to select two Heroes of the same element. 

*When assigning Heroes per Enhanced Element, players will be able to select Heroes that they have assigned previously for another Enhanced Element. 

- Players will be able to tap the [Auto Assign] button, which will automatically create a suitable team according to the element and Combat Power. 

- Heroes who have been selected as Supporters cannot be transmitted or used as enhancement material. 

- Since the Enhanced Element changes periodically, players will have to assign different Supporters per element

- Heroes that have been assigned as Supporters will be used by fellow members of your Guild during World Boss battles. 

- Players will only be able to use a specific Supporter once a day. 

① Up to 3 fellow Guild members can use a certain Supporter in one day.

② Players may not use the same Supporter repeatedly, with a maximum of 1 use of particular Hero per day.

③ Reset Schedule: This will reset based on your server reset time. 

* Korea/Asia : 18:00 UTC

* Europe : 03:00 UTC

* Global : 10:00 UTC

- If a player is unable to select a fellow Guild member’s supporter, they will be able to use NPC Supporters. There will be no limit when using NPC Supporters. 


- The Guild member who lent a supporter which was used by a fellow Guild Member will earn [Commander’s Armband x5] proportional to the number of times a supporter was used. 

- After entering the World Boss main screen, players will view a pop-up window is there are rewards that have not yet been received. 

- Rewards for a World Boss Battle can only be received from the end of the World Boss battle to the end of the next World Boss Battle

- Supporter rewards will be reset when the next World Boss Battle is completed, so please be sure to receive your reward within the specified time.

[Supporter Selection]




Guild Member 

Supporter Selection

- The screen will only display Supporters from your Guild members.

- Heroes that you have already used and Heroes that have already been selected 3 times will not be displayed.

- Supporters that have not been selected for 3 or more days will not be displayed

- Selectable Supporters from your Guild members will display 5 teams. 

- Tap [More] bottom at the bottom of the screen to see additional supporters. 

NPC Supporter Selection

- If there are no available Guild member Supporters, then NPC Supporters will be displayed.

- NPC Supporters can be selected without any restrictions.


■ World Boss Rewards


[Battle Rank Reward]

- The availability of Guild Member supporters will allow Heirs to achieve a higher Rank, therefore the World Boss Grades and evaluation criteria will be adjusted.


- The rewards for taking part in the World Boss have been adjusted as follows:

① Gold Rewards earned in all Grades will be increased.

② The probability of receiving Equipment Conversion Gems will be increased.

③ Common Runes and Handmade Snacks will be deleted.

④ Brave Crest Rewards will be added.

⑤ For rank SS and higher, only Level 85 equipment will be awarded.

⑥ The probability of receiving currencies for Elemental Summon will be increased. 

※ Weekly Contributions will be displayed for the World Boss starting from 1/27.

- Heirs who have consistently battled the World Boss can earn additional Contribution Rewards, based on their Weekly Contributions.

- Weekly Contribution Rewards will be delivered depending on the amount given.


Weekly Contribution Reward

Reward Criteria (Weekly Contribution)

Equipment Conversion 

Gem Chest x1

Weekly Contribution Points 25,000,000

Equipment Conversion Gem Selection Chest x1

Weekly Contribution Points 40,000,000



- Contribution Points: Points earned from World Boss battles are cumulative. 

- Contribution Points Reset Period: Contribution Points are reset every Monday based on your server’s reset time.

* Korea/Asia: 18:00 UTC

* Europe: 03:00 UTC

* Global: 10:00 UTC

■ Guild – Weekly Missions Added

- A World Boss Weekly Mission will be added after the Official Opening of the World Boss.

- World Boss Weekly Missions will be categorized along with [Labyrinth/Spirit Altar/Hunt/Arena] and players will be given random two among these missions.


■ Other

- When accessing the World Boss the first time without having a Supporter Hero assigned, a tutorial will begin. 

- The changes that have been applied to the Official Opening will be added to the help section.


※ Detailed information about the current World Boss system can be seen here: LINK

2. Bellona & Iron Fan Drop Rate Up 


Bellona is an Earth Archer whose damage output increases when there are more enemies. Iron Fan is a Ranger exclusive artifact 

which increases damage against Ice elemental enemies. Meet Bellona and the artifact, Iron Fan, in our newest Drop Rate Up event! 


■ Schedule

2020.01.23 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 01.30 (Thu) 02:59 UTC

3. The New 5★ Hero Ambitious Tywin has arrived! 


Ambitious Tywin, who we had previously featured on the Korean Epic Seven Live Stream is finally here. 

Ambitious Tywin is a light-elemental Knight who dispels one debuff from all allies, steals Souls and contains the enemy using various 

debuffs. Players can obtain Ambitious Tywin through Mystic, Covenant and Moonlight Summons. 

■ Ambitious Tywin

[Hero Introduction]


[Skill Introduction]

4. 6 Types of New 4★ Artifacts Added

Six types of new 4★ Artifacts will be added. Players will be able to obtain these Artifacts through Covenant summons, Drop Rate Up 

summons and Artifact Summon Tickets. 

[Ranger - 4★ Andre's Crossbow]

[Warrior - 4★ Sepulcrum]

[Knight - 4★ Steadfast Gatekeeper]

[Thief - 4★ Silver Rain]

[Mage - 4★ Barthez's Orbuculum]

[Soul Weaver - 4★ Eternus]

5. Labyrinth Improvements – Part 1 

- Players will be able to earn rewards when they defeat the first Boss in Raid Labyrinth – Normal difficulty.

- Players will be able to view the rewards obtained for killing each Boss in Raid Labyrinth – Normal difficulty by tapping on the [Main Reward] button.

■ Main Reward

- Players will be given a Main Reward only once after defeating a Boss monster for the first time.

- After successfully defeating the Boss Monster and clearing the Labyrinth, players will be able to receive the Main Reward. 

- Detailed reward information can be seen when players tap the [Main Reward] button. 

■ Camping Improvements

- Camping Conversations will now display changes in Friendship Level.

: Friendship increased by 1 or more/ : Friendship decreased by 1 or more/ : No Change

- Improvements will be made so that Morale does not decrease even if Affinity decreases. Increase in Morale due to increase in Affinity will remain the same.

6. Shop – Bulk Purchase Improvements

Certain items in the Shop have been improved as to allow bulk purchases. 

■ Shop – Bulk Purchase Rules

① Items with Purchase Restrictions: Displays the maximum amount the player can purchase up to the purchase limit.

② Items without Purchase Restrictions: Displays the maximum amount a player can purchase with the currency they have.

③ Maximum Amount Purchasable: Players can purchase up to 100 of a certain item, as long as the player has enough currency and the item isn’t restricted to a lower amount.

■ Items Eligible for Bulk Purchases

① The following sections in the Shop are eligible for bulk purchases: Normal, Powder of Knowledge, Friendship, Ancient Coin and Conquest Points.

② The following section in the Side Story is eligible for bulk purchases: Exchange àGold

 Pet House > Pet Shop. Players can purchase Adoption Tickets(Skystone) in bulk 

④ When going to the Guild > Member Shop, players can purchase Lesser Artifact Charms in bulk



■ Items Ineligible for Bulk Purchases

① Items with 1 or fewer available purchases remaining.

② Items that require a payment.

③ Items that provide a random reward. (Ex: Shop > Ancient Coin > Lv 22-60 Accessory Chest)

④ Bundled Items. (Ex: Shop > A Bag of Gold)

⑤ Equipment/Artifacts and Hero Items (Including Penguins)

7. Equipment and Artifact Sorting Improvements

An additional filter will be added in order to help players better manage their equipment and Artifacts.


■ Sort by [Max Enhance] Added (Equipment and Artifacts)

- The [Max Enhance] filter will be added.

- Sorting : Selecting the Max Enhance will sort your equipment according to Maximum Enhancement levels.

- Eligible Areas: [Inventory > Equipment, Artifacts], [Equipment Enhance], [Artifact Enhance], [Manage Equipment]

■ Additional Equipment Sorting Added

- An additional sorting function has been added to the existing sorting option.

- An additional filter has been added in the inventory so players can sort their equipment based on the following: Set/Main Stat/Sub Stat.

[Sorting Options]

[Eligible Areas]

- Selling Equipment

- Inventory

- Equipping (Unequipping) + Charm Crafting

- Alchemist's Steeple Charm Crafting /Equipment Conversion Crafting

■ Additional Artifact Sorting Added

- An additional sorting option [Class] has been added to the existing sorting options.

- When sorting by [Class] the Artifacts will be arranged in the following: Warrior → Knight → Thief → Ranger → Mage → Soul Weaver → Common Artifacts

8. World Arena Improvements and Fixes

■ Quick Menu

- When tapping “Arena” from the “Quick Menu”, improvements have been made so that players will immediately be able to select Arena or World Arena. 

■ Hero Timeout Improvements 

1. Hero Selection Phase




Select a Hero to use and tap the Select button.

Hero is selected

Select a Hero, but the timer has reached 0 without tapping Select.

The Hero that you have currently selected will be chosen

If you do not select a Hero to use or the selected Hero is not eligible when the timer reaches 0.

The Hero with the highest CP will be selected

(If multiple Heroes have the same CP, then one will be selected at random)


2. Ban Phase




When a Hero has been selected and the Complete button has been tapped

The Hero that has been selected will be banned

When a Hero has been selected, but the timer has reached 0 without tapping the Complete button.

The Hero that has been selected will be banned

When the timer has reached 0 but no Hero was selected

One of the 5 enemy Heroes will be banned at random



3. Team Formation Phase




When you have placed your Heroes in a particular spot and tapped Start

The battle will begin with the placement selected

When you have placed your Heroes in a particular spot but the timer has reached 0 before tapping Start

The placement that is currently in view will be used in battle.


■ Progress Bar (Time Gauge) Improvements

- Hero Selection: The Heroes that are being viewed will only be seen by the selecting player.


- During the Ban Pashe, the time gauge will display on both sides.

- Improvements will be made to the Time Gauge in battle.

■ Results

1. System Messages will be added depending on the situation

① If a player wins a battle due to the opponent leaving, the following message will be displayed: [The opponent has left the battle.]

② If a player loses due to a connection error, the following message will be displayed: [The connection to the server has been lost.]

③ If a player wins due to their opponent having a connection issue, the following message will be displayed: [The opponent's connection to the server has been lost.]

④ If the total match time has exceeded 30 minutes, the following message will be displayed: [The battle time limit has been exceeded.]


2. [Battle Results] Button Added

① After a World Arena battle has been completed, a [Battle Results] button will be available. 

② This button will not be available during the Pick/Ban/Team Formation phase of World Arena. 


■ Additional fixes and improvements

- Improvements will be made so that emojis used in battle will display on a white background.

- Improvements will be made so that World Arena participation will count towards the [Three Sisters' Diary] Reputation. 

* Improvements will be made so that abnormal closing of the game are not counted.

- An issue where, regardless of the language setting, the Server name displayed in English, will be fixed.

- An issue where, after selecting the first Hero, the player received less time than intended will be fixed. 

- An issue where, in World Arena, when Kayron is equipped with Alexa's Basket and it is applied, Immortal Will's AoE effect was not activated will be fixed.

- An issue where, at the start of battle, if a player experienced a network connection issue, they could not progress will be fixed.

9. Reputation UI Restructuring 

■ Three Sisters’ Diary Daily Reputation [Receive All]

- A [Receive All] button will be added to the top of Reputations > Three Sisters’ Diary screen.

- Players will receive the rewards for their Daily Reputations all at once. 

- Rewards received from the [Receive All] button will be added together and displayed as the total sum of the reward.

- Weekly reputation rewards will be excluded from this function.

■ Reputation Grade Display Changes

- A change will be made so that the top of the Reputation screen will display the Category, Reputation Grade and Numbers.

- Reputation Grades earned by completing achievements will be displayed in the gauge and the [Upgrade Lasting Effect] button will become activated once the condition has been fulfilled. 

- Players will be able to view the Lasting Effects for each reputation on the left side of the screen.

10. Other Improvements and Fixes


■ Skin Shop

- Iseria’s Skin will be added to the Skin Shop. 

■ New Packages Added

- Veteran Pack 1, 2 will be added.

- Details : Players with Account Rank 45 or higher may purchase these Packs. Limit of once per account

■ Storage

- A function will be added so that our Heirs can directly transmit/sell Heroes and Artifacts from Storage 

- Please be cautious when using the Transmit/Sell function since Heroes and Artifacts, once transmitted/sold, cannot be recovered.

■ Improvements and Fixes regarding Hero graphic displays

- An issue where Melissa’s coffin did not disappear after summoning a Guardian, will be fixed.

- An issue where original Cecilia was displayed when Cecilia used skills with her skin put on, will be fixed.

- Rin’s Expression ‘Crying’ will be removed, and ‘Special 2’ will be added

- An issue that caused an object and the All-Rounder Wanda’s image to be incorrectly displayed when the skill, ‘One Shot, One Kill’ is used, will be fixed.

※ Please refer to the following Notice for more information about the changes [Hero Related Adjustments Preview]

■ Other improvements and fixes related to Heroes

- There was an issue for Heroes with Immortality abilities such as Kayron and Sven where they did not revive when they have [unable to be buffed] debuff and revive buff. This issue will be resolved so that these Heroes can revive according to revive buff mechanism 

- Ambitious Tywin will be added to Benevolent Romann’s Hero Relationships

- Exclusive Equipment for Bellona, Cermia, General Purrgis, Kayron, Lidica, and Romann will now display the name of the skills that are enhanced. There won’t be any functional changes.

- An issue where, in certain situations, Sol’s Volcanic Viper did not activate even if he had 100 Fighting Spirits, will be fixed.

- An issue where, the icon for Rep. Hero did not display in the same size as other icons for classes, when Heirs tapped other Heirs' information tab, will be fixed.

- An issue where the display effect for Memory Imprint continued on display when Heirs selected and positioned a Hero with Memory Imprint and tapped on + button on the left of the selected hero from list of heroes, will be fixed.

- An issue where Troublemaker Crozet caused increased Defense before dispelling a debuff, when Troublemaker Crozet used the skill Oath of Protection on a different hero, will be fixed so that he correctly dispels a debuff inflicted to him and then increase Defense.

- An issue where Hazel and Mascot Hazel’s skill, [Urgent Regen] in which, when the target was below 50% HP, the amount healed was not 1.5x will be fixed.

- An issue where, if a Hero did not meet the conditions necessary to equip Exclusive Equipment, the Exclusive Equipment slot would display abnormally will be fixed.

■ Improvements and Fixes Related to Monsters

- Hermit Mage and Proud Sorcerer will be added to Monster Journal

- An issue where Wood Slime split from Wood Slime King from Automaton Tower did not split, will be fixed.



Woody Slime that appeared after Woody Slime King split did not split and was defeated.


Woody Slime that appeared after Woody Slime King split will split and Tiny Wood Slime will appear

- An issue where Phantom Adlay’s skill Heroism, from Automaton Tower, was activated even after he was defeated, will be fixed.


Healing effect was activated even when a monster other than Phantom Adlay was attacked and defeated


Healing effect will not be activated when a monster other than Phantom Adlay was attacked and defeated.

- The order in which Snow Slime’s passive effect are activated, from Automaton Tower, will be fixed. (There won’t be any changes in gameplay).

- An issue in the Raid Labyrinth, when the Boss, Juleeve Council splits and a poison debuff was inflicted on the Hero who takes the first turn will be fixed

■ Other Improvements and Fixes

- An improvements will be made so that when a Heir promotes a Phantasma and has a Max Level Phantasma of the same grade, the Max level Phantasma of the same grade will automatically be selected.

① Before: Once a Phantasma is promoted, a Phantasma of a lower grade were automatically selected

② After: Once a Phantasma is promoted, a Phantasma of the same grade will automatically be selected 

- An improvements will be made to Side Story Exchanges so that the items sold out will be displayed at the bottom of the Exchange lists

- An improvement will be made so that the display for open dungeons for Hunts and Spirit Altar are more self-explanatory from the [Battle] Menu

- An improvement will be made to Guild Weekly Mission so that players can access Aid, Donate Menus directly by tapping on [Go] Button

- An issue where players were shown an error message and could not access Guild Wars, will be fixed

- An issue where a newly joined Guild member tried to set Defense Team for Guild War were directed to click on the button from previous display, will be fixed.

- Following categories will be added to [Guild > Record > Activity]

  * Changes in Guild introduction

  * Changes in Guild Member Rank Limitations

  * Changes in the modes of accepting new applicants for Guild

  * Changes in Emblem 

- An issue where, when viewing the [World Boss > Reward] screen, the bonus % displayed on the Battle Screen did not match the previous Bonus % shown will be fixed.

- An issue where, in certain situations after particular actions were taken after entering the World Boss, an error message would display will be fixed. 

- An issue where, on the World Boss Battle Point screen, the ranking (SSS ~ D) would display outside of the designated area will be fixed.

- An issue where, after tapping Aid in chat during a World Boss battle, players were able to go to their Guild will be fixed.

- An issue where only one dispatch mission was dispatched when players clicked on replay button when two dispatch missions are complete, will be fixed.

- An issue where, when all allies have been defeated by Bellona’s Skill Butterfly Fan, UI for Health was displayed at an incorrect part of display, will be fixed.

- An issue where Haptic Feedback was not activated when players selected on the list of heroes from the Waiting Room, will be fixed.

- An issue where the level text and lines for dividing sectionis were overlapped, on certain IOS devices, will be fixed.

- An issue where on certain devices, the location of a currently applied buff is in the wrong area will be fixed.

- An issue where, on certain devices, the Statistics Button for the Abyss was in the wrong location will be fixed.

- An issue where, the description for the item, Equipment Conversion Gem Chest, had text display outside of the intended area will be fixed.

- Certain typos in in-game text will be fixed.

- An issue where text for the name of Church of Ilryos Axe were not displayed correctly in stories, will be fixed

 Removal of Ras duplicated via Errors in Waiting Room Functions

 - Schedule: 1/23(Thu) during Maintenance

 - Heroes to be removed: all Ras's duplicated while the Waiting Room had functional errors

 - Details

   1. Ras, other than the first one given when our Heirs start the game, will be removed

   2. The Ras that will be removed will also be unequipped of Equipment, Hero assignments, and Representative Hero assignment

   3. If our Heirs have any further inquiries regarding this removal of Ras, please submit a 1:1 inquiry via [ Customer Center > Inquire ]

Thank you!


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    2020.01.22 11:22 (UTC+0)

    BESTWow, there're tons of improvements and changes in this update, but it's not enough, it's never enough, get ready to be bombarded with nitpicking,  complaints and insults.

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    2020.01.22 11:11 (UTC+0)

    BESTgreat improve, you deserve get your 5* gplay back.

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    2020.01.22 11:19 (UTC+0)

    BESTGreat improvements, thanks SG/E7 

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    2020.01.22 11:11 (UTC+0)

    great improve, you deserve get your 5* gplay back.

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    world boss still *****

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      2020.01.22 14:24 (UTC+0)

      You're still a we todd

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    another useless *4 artifact added for pool. The mage one is very good, the rest is useless

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      2020.01.22 18:34 (UTC+0)

      I liked the knight one more, it's basically a Hilag Lance against AOE. Shame it's only 8% CR at +30

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      2020.01.22 20:48 (UTC+0)

      Adding variety is what makes the game interesting. Imagine if they only had amazing artifacts and everyone would have them, would you still care about them? Probably not...

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    2020.01.22 11:19 (UTC+0)

    Great improvements, thanks SG/E7 

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    2020.01.22 11:20 (UTC+0)

    No more snacks and common runes in World Boss reward pool? Im good with that. 👌

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    2020.01.22 11:22 (UTC+0)

    Wow, there're tons of improvements and changes in this update, but it's not enough, it's never enough, get ready to be bombarded with nitpicking,  complaints and insults.

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      2020.01.22 20:55 (UTC+0)

      EleyonTBH if they followed every complaint and dumb idea all the redditors and comment warriors like you threw at them Eleyon, either the coders of the developer or the game itself would be dead long ago.

      Everyone would have all the heroes already, pretty much unlimited energy, all the top gear, plus daily free everything, and there would be literally NOTHING to do in the game cause they couldn't possibly add content fast enough for your team to clear. :) Keep on keeping on

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      2020.01.23 02:49 (UTC+0)

      EleyonNo one's saying that. They're just asking why ***** regardless of whether the news is good or bad?

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    2020.01.22 11:44 (UTC+0)

    ML Tywin’s s3 still looks budget af. Good update otherwise.

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    2020.01.22 11:44 (UTC+0)

    Thank you for the amazing job and the improvements, keep going like this :DDD

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    2020.01.22 11:58 (UTC+0)

    "An issue where Hazel and Mascot Hazel’s skill, [Urgent Regen] in which, when the target was below 50% HP, the amount healed was not 1.5x will be fixed. "

    After so many bug reports, finally! And thank you.

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    2020.01.22 12:01 (UTC+0)

    Wow, this is really big update but the best part of it is clearly "receive all" button in daily missions

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    2020.01.22 12:18 (UTC+0)

    Wow Big improvements SG, I guess you can get off the couch move back in the bedroom now.

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    2020.01.22 12:22 (UTC+0)

    The Azmakalis reward equipment looks cool enough to have its own character, especially the helmet looks awesome. Call it the Azmakalis Warrior~ 


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    2020.01.22 12:40 (UTC+0)


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    2020.01.22 12:43 (UTC+0)

    Great improvements, feels good when you see necessary fixes instead of just new content, it brings some hope on this game's future. But we all know the main problem and we keep waiting for changes; energy, hunts, gold and equipment. All those things together must be balanced in order to be able to equip your heroes properly for world arena and arena. However it's always good to see patches like this, keep the good work and hear the community please 🙏


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      2020.01.22 15:54 (UTC+0)

      They need change only gear problem. Make it less rng, higher chance to get 85 tier from 11th hunts (not as its rn, when you can do 30 runs and get all blue gear.. 70...). With that you'll get at least decent gear with much less energy spend, less gold waste on **** gear and all will be fixed and make people happy

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      2020.01.28 23:42 (UTC+0)

      STOVE86021812Gear problem? Daily guild wars s rank it. What gear problem? If you cant S rank it then you dont need gear yet.  Nobody cares to be happy. Yall just want free stuff. Get real.

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    2020.01.22 12:49 (UTC+0)

    Thnks smile gate. I love this update. I have been waiting for Bellona banner, btw that i will but that veteran pack its amazing 3k skystones and 5 star héroe ita just to much

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    2020.01.22 12:59 (UTC+0)

    Wow awesome!! Always happy to see some thing, thanks Smile Gate!!

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