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Looking for a new active guild! (4 players GLOBAL) [6]

We are running a guild right now, but leavin soon because inactive players. We started with 20 members and now there are only 4 members left whos playin it everyday. We are searching for a new guild who accepts 3 or 4 of us. We are all lvl 65's and ranks are between Master III and Challenger V. Let me know if you are interested in friendly and active players. Appreciate it!

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    2020.01.16 10:04 (UTC+0)

    ASMODAY -- Wellcome!)

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    2020.01.16 12:17 (UTC+0)


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    2020.01.16 13:52 (UTC+0)

    If you're still looking i'm in a guild called WASABI :) Can make room for you guys if interested!

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    2020.01.16 19:18 (UTC+0)

    Hi!, it would be awesome to have all of you join us, we are Grandshelt, a lvl 17 guild. We just recently started refreshing our lineup and are at 26/30 which means we have room for all 4 of you if you'd like to join. We aren’t sweaty or competitive, but we do ask that everyone tries their hand in every Guild War match and offer the 50k gold donation daily. We chatter a lot in Discord and exchange ideas/builds/theories. If you think this is the right place for you just let me know and I'll send you an invite. :)

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    작성자 2020.01.17 15:39 (UTC+0)

    Thanks guys for leavin the comments, i just forgot my account (stove) recently but i get it back now. Im probably leaving the guild today. I would pass over my guild to another member. And i'll let you guys know as soon as possible.

    My name is: Leadja (Global)

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    2020.01.17 21:58 (UTC+0)

    Hi leadja! I‘m aware you have received a few offers, nonetheless I decided to also post. We will be glad to have you guys in our guild. We are currently opening slots for active members. We are a friendly and flexible guild with an active discord and few requirements: to remain active, join our discord, and use  all of the gvg tokens. If you are interested you could chat with us in the discord and if is suitable for you guys and decide to join us, we will send  the invites. Hope you guys decide to join us! =)

    Guild Name: Lokiburn lvl 17

    Discord link: https://discord.gg/Rs2fhyz

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