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Guild Recruitment

Eloa wants to help you level up

Guild Name: Eloa

Region/Server: Global

Level: 6

Eloa is a fairly small, but fiercely dedicated guild of high-level players trying to expand our guild’s reputation and members. We believe that everyone who joins has the potential to grow and contribute in whatever way they can and we want to help them every step of the way. People who join our guild can expect:

1.) Frequent aid for any resource you may need to level up your heroes.
2.) Constant buffs to your accounts for gaining experience and gold
3.) And powerful level 60 support heroes to help you blaze your way through Adventure Mode if you send any of us a friend request after joining

(examples inlcude: Researcher Carrot, Charles, Krau, Alencia, Diene, Iseria, Sigret & more!!!)

Our guild only wants to help you become stronger, so there’s no level requirement for joining. As long as you’re somewhat active that’s good enough for us. We automatically accept any request to join so come over as soon as possible!

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