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Guild Recruitment

BCElite is recruiting for new members [Global]

Guild Name: BCElite

Region/Server: Global

Guild Level: Level 15 Members - 26/28

Requirements: Rank 50 or higher and be active, donate daily and participate in guild wars. Also, Join our discord server.

Member Locations: From all over the world. Got members from US, Canada, France, Spain, Australia, Singapore, South America and UK. We only accept english speaking players tho.

Description: BCElite (Bullet Club Elite) is looking to add members.

We are a chill and casual group just looking for active people who will check in/donate everyday and participate in guild wars.

We we have a pretty active discord chat. So we happily welcome ppl who are enthusiastic and excited to play this game as we are.

To apply please join our discord: https://discord.gg/Eg8Asku

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