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ML Basar needs a buff :/ [19]

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  • KyouE7[KyouE7]
  • 2020.01.14 13:34 (UTC+0)
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For a 5* ml unit his stats are so weak..

After use S3 he don't do anything more

Poor heals

No more utility

And dies fast coz of his stats

Can you SG give him some attention 

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    2020.01.14 13:55 (UTC+0)

    Not every hero needs 7k base hp and an attack that does 50k unconditional damage.

    "For a 5* ml unit his stats are so weak.. " - stop looking at just stats.
    "After use S3 he don't do anything more " - uh.......
    "Poor heals" uhhhhh.......you want him to do angelica heals or something?
    "No more utility " - so what do you call an S1 with STUN that also does PASSIVE HEALING?
    "And dies fast coz of his stats" - That's the second time you've mentioned stats within about 20 words, so it's clear that's all you care about. What did I just say?

    - ML Basar can go before or after other heroes and still get full value on his S3. That's EXTREMELY rare and very versatile.

    - ML Basar has no "S2", which means that every turn you're waiting for S3, you're not only dealing damage and healing with his S1, with even more healing coming from Celestine, but you're also threatening stun every single turn.

    He's fine. Learn how and when to use him.

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    2020.01.14 16:22 (UTC+0)

    Id rather hijack the thread and ask for a nerf to regular Basar but that aint happening either :P

    As for ML Basar, he is fine, definetly not A.Vildred or ML Ken level of insane but A.Ravi isnt either, so lets deal with it.

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    2020.01.14 16:52 (UTC+0)

    Considering Tamarine has the same hp as him and gets a 100% heal to herself from s3, i think ml Basar should heal like 20% of his max hp when he uses his s3 (to himself only ofc).

    Often times by the time its his turn, his well below half hp(even with waters origin), so he opens with his s3 (the heal on s1 isn't big enougth to justify opening with it) and dies before his 2nd turn from a random aoe.
    His kit is very similar to ml Chloe's kit, with the key difference (apart from s3 ofc) being that she heals EVERY turn, not just when she uses s1.
    Ml Chloe also has way better defensive stats, so there's no reason why ml Basar, being a lot easier to kill, should not be able to heal himself every turn.

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    2020.01.14 17:07 (UTC+0)

    He's good  but make sure you gear him well

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    2020.01.14 17:56 (UTC+0)

    the only thing i hate about him is that the cd on S3 is pretty long. Other than that all is just on gears. His s3 have the best support buff in game

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    2020.01.14 17:56 (UTC+0)

    Buff a ravi is good but buff ml basar not good because a lot people have a ravi  it balance lol and nerf sage baal is good because a lot people not have him 

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    2020.01.14 19:48 (UTC+0)

    ML Basars main takeaway is his S3. cleanse, immunity into 30% CR push is pretty nice. I use him for waters origin opening against dizzy teams.

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    2020.01.15 00:08 (UTC+0)

    He definitely needs a buff. Right now he is the worst ml5 hero in the game.

    My idea is to give him a revive buff on s3 similar to ml Chloe. This way he will be an alternative to ml Choe, but without attack buff.

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    2020.01.15 06:02 (UTC+0)

    Ml Chloe doesn't provide a cleanse with immunity and a CR push. I wouldn't be against a slight buff to ML Basar, but IDK, I'd rather the OP units get nerfed before we start buffing anything ML.

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    2020.01.15 07:49 (UTC+0)

    ML Basar is an awesome unit. He has the same speed as regular Basar so I'm not able to guarantee that I can outspeed him, and if I lose that coin flip, all of the opponent's team will get a full turn before I do. If they have a high damage team, that usually means I'm dead. The remove buff, CR push, and debuff immunity makes me think twice before attacking teams with him, based on him alone.

    You need the right team comp with him, but he can do what no other unit can do. After ML Vildred, one of my most wanted units would be ML Basar. If you pulled him, I'd look into how to build a good team comp with him. I regret not trying to pull for him more when I wasn't sure how to use him.

    His S3 and ability to go first are the only things that make him really powerful, but those are enough to make him great. Try beating some ML Basar comps to see why he's a hard comp to go against on defense, and he's also powerful on offense.

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    2020.01.15 11:47 (UTC+0)

    A hero who only has S3 is not worthy of being a nat5 ML, s1 stun is bad, 35% totally up, Dizzy has it on an AoE s1, and has to burn two souls to make the DJ s1 becoming AoE and healing bonus is not so high that it was worth 2 soulburn, the s3 really is top, but it doesn't make up for the rest of your kit.

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    2020.03.20 02:35 (UTC+0)

    Yeah, DJ Basar is ok for PVP - one-trick man, used only for his S3. 

    But in PVE as a healer he is an absolute joke. His heals are miserable unless you are fighting against a tickle enemies.

    His S2 is continuation of his S1 description.

    His S3 got a very long CD and not so unique.  

    All of his awakening are going into Atk without giving him any actual suitability. 

    Over all, for ML 5* soul weaver with only 0.15% drop rate, he is extremely bad unit. Probably the worst one you can summon at this point.

    Devs please fix him. No one is asking to make him OP, just make him well balanced between PVE and PVP and give him something that will make him stand out from all the other 3-4* soul weavers. After all he is a 5*ML unit.

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