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Yufine or Cermia? [5]

I am looking for a single target dps but the first thing I thought are those 2 units, which one is better? Or is there any more choice?

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    2020.01.14 09:24 (UTC+0)

    Considering the META is currently Water (and some Earth), I would say Yufine is the better one. Especially with her "if you are buffed I will crush you" ability (all other heroes come buffed by default nowadays with immunity or a shield).

    Don't get me wrong, Cermia is also a beast, but Yufine wreaks Arena teams by herself (SSB hates her). I have her with the Tama/Iseria comp and she is a force to be reckoned (also one shots ML Ken, Charles, etc.).

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    2020.01.14 19:47 (UTC+0)

    If you haven't a solid dps for golem 11, than Cermia. You'll still need someone who can push the golems CR back because her s1 unhealable debuff only lasts 1 turn. If you wanted to go budget, you could roll SC butcher corps inquisitor or Carmainerose

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    2020.01.15 00:02 (UTC+0)

    Two heroes are a little different, Cermia is pure damage, Yufine has good utility.

    I would lean more towards Yufine because...

    - S3 hits like a truck on top of another truck, purges all buffs, and stuns (in that order), and it can be chained into S2 that purges more buffs and inflict silence.

    - She absolutely murders SSB if the latter has FCC in the team or has immunity set.

    - Her S1 hurts, a lot, especially with her special gear.

    - More useful special gear.

    - Even if she's not dealing damage, her utility is great.

    - More waifu factor, and she has very big...assets.

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    2020.01.15 09:43 (UTC+0)

    In a full push-Buff-Pushing meta, Yuffine is your answer.

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    2020.01.15 14:36 (UTC+0)

    Both of these heroines are good.

     I think the choice should be made based on what setup you already have.

     Need a character for farming? For the Arena? RTA? GvG?

     I will consider the example of the GvG. Yufine is a great nuker in teams with G.Purrgis+Angelica/Momo or Dienne+F.Maya/C.Armin etc. If you can soulburn then there’s an opportunity to kill even A.Vildred comps. Yufine also has a good level of utility. But I think it is necessary to mention that if you want a strong Yufine, you need to invest a lot of mola in it (preferably +15).

     Cermia is very good in combination with double Lots. Thanks to her new excl. equip. she can do S2+S3 every turn. And in this situation, she can easily cope with teams like Ruel + D. Corvus + С. Armin. 

     And you also need to analyze other situations and understand who will be needed.

     In general, I think in modern realities it will still be more useful to Yufine.

    P.S.: Do not pay much attention to the fact that people can talk about Water Meta. 

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