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Just a simple worthless trivia i wanna know [7]

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  • sevitre[sevitre]
  • 2020.01.10 07:08 (UTC+0)
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Do koreans welcome ntr story???? Cos if bask died, who's the father of aeither???

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    2020.01.10 10:22 (UTC+0)

    they said aither is son from the king, so basicaly aither is adopted by diene 

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    2020.01.11 04:05 (UTC+0)

    Lol Krau is the real father of Aither the hair color is the evidence . 

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    2020.01.12 18:28 (UTC+0)

    I always thought he was Nilgal’s son. The relative uselessness is the evidence

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    2020.01.21 08:30 (UTC+0)

    Just a playful mind. What if aither was actually the girl in the animation when diene uses her skill. Just like what happened to virgin mary and christ? 

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