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Waiting Room : Safe or not???? [2]


im kind of worried about this so called " waiting room" feature.

New stuff, and bug after just released.

So, just for opinion, if any player noticed unusual bug.

im not going to risk my heroes on buggy feature.

If, someday for no reason you loss all heroes in there.

So, not good.

Hope for better in future.

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    2020.01.09 18:06 (UTC+0)

    I personally use it for all Nat 4 that I have dupes of and when I get enough to SSS them I'll pull them out and imprint them.

    I couldn't risk sending there Nat 5 even though I'm sure it safe to send them there. Heck I had 99+ units in storage since I had no room in inventory for months and nothing happened to them.

    Nat 4 units I'm sure u got more of them so send them there,keep all Nat 5 with u.

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    2020.01.10 02:26 (UTC+0)

    The only one got the problem is Ras.

    The others just fine.

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