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Episode 1 Villains Celebrating New Years [1]

  • Nikicheiry
  • 2020.01.04 02:46 (UTC+0)
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IGN: Mintcheiry

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Title: Episode 1 Villains Celebrating New Years


I really like the characters in Kayron's little group and thought that it would be cute to see them celebrate New Years together at a party. Of course Tenebria is the one who dragged them out to be there. A.Vildred doesn't look to be having fun and Kayron can feel the approaching ruin emanating from him. Sigret has other things to do but stays for the wine, Ravi is there appreciating the cake, and Tenebria along with Friedrich had too much to drink. Nilgal seems to be entertaining himself with A.Vildred. 

(Thanks for extending the date of the preliminaries. I wouldn't have been able to add more to the artwork).


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    2020.01.07 13:48 (UTC+0)

    Amazing work! ❤️

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