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Artifact Tip & Healer Tip (?) [3]

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  • 2019.12.31 23:19 (UTC+0)
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2 questions I would like to ask. 

1 I seen few formats with healers Frontline main, isn't knights supposed to have that job? If so healers should have a hp set or mixture of Def + hp set? I find it awkward seen healers front I thought they were backliners. 

2nd I got bunch 4S artifacts and few 5S but the ones I am urging to ask is this 2 artifact 

Rosa Hargana/ Equiped Furious 


Infinity Basket 

Aside I have song of stars not sure what it does, I need some wise tips how to use and which of this 3 is more adequate for my archer character. 


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    2019.12.31 23:36 (UTC+0)

    For your first question it really depends on who is the healer. For ex I always put my Angelica and diene  in the front bc they have high hp,  good defense, and about 180 spd. I wouldn’t do that with a healer like hazel and my montmo. People use healers in the front bc they might have idols cheer artifact on the healer, lacking knights or bc they just want to.

    As for the second question it depends on what archer u have. For example Furious is good with Rosa Hargana and so is Bellona. But if u have Iseria then song of the stars is a better artifact. Silk works well with Rosa and basket.

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    2020.01.01 04:29 (UTC+0)

    Q1 :

    Some healers are thick, you need to look at their base stats and awakening potential.

    If they are loaded with HP and Def, then most likely they can tank.

    Take my Wyvern 11 team for example, I made Ruele tank while i have Tywin at the back with Aurius artifact, why?

    Even though Tywin is a knight i use him in PVP as well so he is built with speed, and effectiveness, with that he is squishy against Wyvern, Ruele on the other hand is built mainly HP and Def so i have her at the front.

    Q2 :

    Song of the stars applies target debuff on enemy, basically more damage, much like def break but with a twist.

    I would say, equipping it on Furious is a good investment for general use especially in PVE.

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    2020.01.01 05:06 (UTC+0)

    The difference between infinity and rosa:

    Infinity for faster rangers that rely on their s1 alot (e.g. Silk)

    Rosa for slower damage oriented rangers in a team that relies on s1's.

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