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  • 2019.12.31 03:16 (UTC+0)
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Title, wyvern 7 and up what's the formats? All ice team or Def penetration attack VS W shield? 


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    2019.12.31 05:33 (UTC+0)

    Only W11 is different from the others. So use whatever team you wanna use until you reach w11 better use all Ice.

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    2019.12.31 05:50 (UTC+0)

    Format: Teranor Gaurd, Angelica as Frontline tank healer, and two other DPS. Lena and Luna work well. If you have Sea Side Bellona, subsitude either Lena or luna.

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    작성자 2019.12.31 06:42 (UTC+0)

    I sold Lena I thought she was garbage.. 

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    2019.12.31 15:29 (UTC+0)

    karin is good too, or alexa with joker (for w11).

    Frontliner is more important for W11. Angi needs some decent gear to tank. You can use a knight if needed

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    2020.01.01 05:20 (UTC+0)

    Lena is a great sub for A. Vildrid because her S3 resets if you kill something with it, on top she gets attack boost. Useful for power leveling, raising 3 fodders at a time, great in whyvern 11, great in normal and hell raid, can also rush you through automaton. I use her for many things. Just need to invest in her.

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