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  • 2019.12.26 21:13 (UTC+0)
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Hi Guys,

Currently I’m struggling to build my Charles for arena. Before I had counter set on him but it wasn’t working. What set should I put on him? Also can you guys give me an estimate of how much atk, crit dmg, speed and crit chanceI need for him.

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    2019.12.27 01:02 (UTC+0)

    What part of arena are you in?

    Counter + Immunity is the ideal setup for him, generally speaking. Stat-wise, you want to aim for 14k HP, 1k defense, 2500 atk, 250% crit dmg, and 80% or more crit chance unless you have a crit chance buffer like cdom or fire dingo. Artifact will almost certainly be Elbris. Also don't for get his special gear that gives him 10% more base smash proc chance on S1.

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