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[Update] 12/26 (Thu) Update Content [140]

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2019.12.25 09:00 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 81345

Hello Heirs!

This is GM Dominiel!


Finally! The moment you have all been waiting for is here! The world is your stage! Take on the challenge, show off your strategies 

and fight against worthy opponents in real-time PVP, World Arena! Which Heir will emerge victorious? 


Also, within this update, we will be giving more information about our Hero Balance Adjustments. 

We have a lot in store for you with this 12/26 update!

Please see below for more details! 

1. 1st Pre-Season World Arena 

The 1st Pre-Season for the World Arena begins now! Participate in real-time PVP battles with experienced Heirs from all over the 

world. Take on the challenge now! 


1st World Arena Pre-Season Outline

- Players will be able to compete against Heirs across all of Epic Seven’s servers. (However our Japan server Heirs will be joining the 

battle at a later date.) 

- Players will be able to participate in the World Arena 24 hours a day. (Excluding Maintenance Periods)

- During the 1st Pre-Season, only Rank Battles will be available. 

- If any major issues are discovered during the 1st Pre-Season, access to World Arena may be temporarily suspended. 


[1st Pre-Season Ranking Information]

Ranking Grade

Victory Points Range



2,200 Points and above

Rank 1 ~ Rank 100


2,000 ~ 2,199 Points



1,800 ~ 1,999 Points



1,600 ~ 1,799 Points



1,400 ~ 1,599 Points



1,200 ~ 1,399 Points



0 ~ 1,199 Points




■ World Arena Participation Conditions 

- Entry Condition: Account Level 60 or higher

- Required CurrencyNo currency will be required to enter the 1st Pre-Season. 

- Hero Requirement: You must have at least 10 different Eligible Heroes in order to participate in the World Arena. 

 Please note that Heroes that have completed a Specialty Change and the same Hero that has not completed a Specialty Change, will be considered the same Hero.


Eligible Heroes

Ineligible Heroes 

- Heroes who are not part of the Banned Hero list 

- Heroes who have not equipped a banned Artifact 

- Phantasma 

- Other available monsters

- Banned Heroes 

- Heroes equipped with banned Artifacts 

- Penguins 

- Global banned Heroes and Artifacts 

 * Global Banned Hero: Cannot participate in World Arena.

* Global Banned Artifact: Heroes equipped with banned Artifacts cannot participate in World Arena. 


■ How to Play


- In order to participate, players must go to [Arena > World Arena].  

- In the World Arena lobby, the four most recently used Heroes in the World Arena will be displayed. 

- Left menu: Players can view their Rank information, Victory Points and Win Rate Information. 

- Right Menu: The main menu of the World Arena will be available. In the 1st Pre-Season, only the Rank Battle will be available.

[Queue Registration]

- Players will be added to a waitlist when they tap on ‘Find Opponent’ button in the Rank Battle lobby. 

- If no match is found, you can cancel the queue registration by tapping the ‘Cancel’ button. 

- Players will not be able to perform any other action while they wait to be matched. 

[Matching Success]

- Once the matching process is completed, Heirs will be able to see their opponent’s basic information such as Nickname, Server, 

Ranking, Victory Points, and Rep Hero. 


[Pick / Ban Heroes]

- Once the matching process is completed, players will take turns to select the Heroes to be picked and banned. 

- Players will be given a time limit to pick and ban Heroes and to place those Heroes on their team. 

- The Heir that will select the first Hero will be chosen at random.


1. Pick (Players will have 30 seconds to pick each Hero) 

      * Players will take turns to select 1 ~ 2 Heroes. (Each player can select five Heroes)

      * Players cannot select the same Hero.  

      * Players can only pick Heroes that they currently have. 

Heir to select Hero first


Heir to select Hero second

Select 1 Hero





Select 2 Heroes

Select 2 Heroes





Select 2 Heroes

Select 2 Heroes





Select 1 Hero


      * If you do not select a Hero within the time limit, a Hero will be automatically assigned. 

      * Auto-Assign Condition: Heroes with the highest combat power (If there is more than one hero with the same Combat Power, a 

Hero will be selected randomly.)

2. Ban (30 second time limit)

      * Select an opponent’s Hero to ban from the match.

      * The banned Hero cannot participate in the match. 

      * Players must tap the ‘OK’ button after selecting a Hero to ban. 

      * If you do not tap the ‘OK’ button after selecting a banned hero, your selection will not be applied and       

      * Players will place 4 Heroes, excluding the banned hero, into a team formation of their choosing. 

4. Start Battle

      * After completing all the preparations within the given time frame, tap the ‘Start’ button to begin the match.



- The 1st Pre-season of the World Arena will proceed with manual battles.

- Each Hero will be given 15 seconds to attack when it’s their turn. 


      * When an extra turn is granted due to an Artifact or skill effect, a new 15-second time limit is given.

- If an attack is not completed within 15 seconds, the AI will proceed with an attack. 

* AI Attack Conditions: The same AI which is used in other contents will be applied here.

- Protector's Punishment will not activate in the World Arena. 

- Battle Frenzy will activate after a set number of turn once the battle begins in World Arena. 



Battle Frenzy

If the battle drags on for too long, Battle Frenzy will activate and affect all Heroes, increasing damage dealt while decreasing max Health and healing.

Can be activated up to 9 levels. 

- Players cannot use Guardians or Supporters in World Arena.

- Soulburn can be used in battle. When an opponent uses Soulburn during battle, a blue effect will be displayed. 

[Battle Ends]

- The team that defeats the opposing team and still has more than one Hero alive after will win the match. 

- If all Heroes die simultaneously due to reflected damage, the match will end in a draw. 

- If the match is over 30 minutes long, it will end in defeat. 

- When the battle is over, the result screen will show the outcome of the match. 

- If a player has 0 Victory Points, losing a battle will not reduce the Victory Points any further.  


■ Opponent Matching Rules

- When you enter the queue, an opponent will be found based on your Victory points. 

- As time passes, the range of Victory points is increased as an opponent is found. 

- If an opponent is not found within the time limit, the queue registration will automatically be canceled. 

- You will not be matched with a player with whom you just had a match. 


■ Reward

- No rewards will be awarded for participation in the 1st Pre-Season of the World Arena. However, players may earn rewards through 

separate participation events. 

- When there is a season update, we will provide details regarding rewards via a separate notice.


■ Emoji

- During the battle, you can express your feelings using cute Epic Seven Emojis.

- If you use an emoji, the emoji's animation will play once.


■ Season Schedule

- 1st Pre-Season Schedule: 2019.12.26 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ to be announced

- 2nd Pre-Season Schedule: Please note that there may be some changes to the method and rules at the start of the 2nd Pre-Season. 

2. New Hero – Benevolent Romann


Benelovent Romann is a Light elemental Mage that can contain the enemy.

Benevolent Romann is kind to all and is waiting to meet our Heirs!

You can meet him from Moonlight Summons, Covenant Summons as well as Mystic Summons!

■ Benevolent Romann



[Hero Introduction]

[Skill Introduction]


3. Hero Balance Adjustments 

Certain Heroes will have a balance adjustment applied! Create new strategies with these Heroes!

 The skill descriptions displayed are without any Skill Enhancements applied.

 The Skill descriptions are based on the effects after being awakened.


■ Apocalypse Ravi (5, Warrior, Dark)

- The passive effect for “War God's Might” will be changed. 

- The effect for “Deliverance: Soul Exchange” will be changed. 

■ Kise (5, Thief, Ice)

- The skill description for “Full Moon Scythe” will be changed to match the game effect. 

- The effect for “Nocturne” will be changed. 

■ Cartuja (4, Warrior, Earth)

- The activation chance for “Predatory Roar” will be increased. 

■ Dingo (4, Warrior, Fire)

- Improvements will be made to “Quick Grill”. 

- An auxiliary effect will be added to ‘Free Dinner’. 

4. Krau & Noble Oath Drop Rate Up! 

Krau, a Hero who fights for the future of his country, Taranor, 

and the 5 Artifact, Noble Oath whose efficiency increases as Health decreases,

are ready to meet you in this special Drop Rate Up event!


■ Schedule

2019.12.26 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 2020.01.02 (Thu) 02:59 UTC

5 Pet Improvements and Other Adjustments 

Heirs, it is with regret that we have to inform you that we have postponed the release date for the Daily Pet Achievements that were 

scheduled to be added within December, as announced in our Developer Notes. We will carefully review this content and do our 

best to ensure that what is added is up to par with our Heirs’ expectations.

 ■ Daily Free Adoption Added

- Players will be able to obtain a free Pet once daily! 

- To adopt a Pet, go to [Pet House > Adopt]

- Free Adoption Reset: This will reset at the server reset time. 


Reset Time

Korea / Asia

18:00 UTC 


03:00 UTC


10:00 UTC


- A notification mark will be displayed above the Pet House icon when there is a free adoption left. 

■ Pet lobby Adjustments

- The location of the Pet Store has been moved to the Pet House. 

Previous Location

Shop > Pet Shop

New Location

Pet House > Pet Shop

- Background pack buttons that used to be in those locations can be accessed by touching the icon next to the Pet Shop button.
- The Synthesize button will be removed from the Pet Lobby


■ Time Required to Collect Lobby Type Pet Gift Reduced

- The following adjustments have been made to the time required to collect a gift from the lobby type pet.


1 Gift every 24 hours 


1 Gift every 22 hours 


■ Repeat Battling Improvements

- A Repeat Battling option, [End Repeat Battling after Hero reaches max level] has been added. If the team has a Hero who has 

reached max level, repeat battling will end. 

- A reward results window has been added to allow players to more easily view the items obtained during repeat battling. 


 While a Repeat Battle is in progress, players can view all items acquired through the battle using the inventory icon, which will 

be added to the top UI.

 Players will be able to check items acquired using the same UI at the end of the repeat battling. 

- When repeat battling ends, players will be able to sell their equipment in the rewards window. 


 The rewards result window will display acquired items in the following order; Currency, Runes, Catalyst, Enhancement Ingredient, 

Craft Material, Consumables, Equipment, Heroes.  

 Equipment cannot be sold while repeat battling is in progress. 

 Miscellaneous goods, Heroes, and Artifacts cannot be sold from the rewards window. Only equipment can be sold in the rewards 



■ Synthesize Pets UI Improvements

- When synthesizing Pets, a [Confirm] / [Cancel] button will be added to make it easier to recognize whether the skill selected on the 

skill inheritance window is applied. 

- A ‘check mark’ will be added to the skills selected on the skill inheritance window for easier identification. 

■ Special Winter Pets

In celebration of the New Year holidays, new pets have come to visit our Heirs!

You can obtain these pets only during the designated period by going to [Pet House > Adopt]. Shall we meet them?


■ Schedule

- 2019.12.26 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 2020.01.09 (Thu) before the maintenance


■ New Pet Information



New Pet Information



Ordinary - Snow Flakey, Hail Flakey, Sleet Flakey

Special - Festive Flakey



Ordinary - Bearlock Holmes, Bearsène Lupin, Bearcule Poirot

Special - Dr. Bear H. Watson

The performance of the new Pets is the same as existing pets.


6. Additional Improvements and Fixes

■ Hero Improvements

- An issue where Cermia’s Exclusive Equipment did not display the name of the skill when it activated the additional attack skill 

“Playing with Fire,” will be fixed

- Improvements for Skill Description clarity will be made for certain characters when certain skills are enhanced. These characters 

include Ring, Carrot, Leo and Researcher Carrot. No functional changes will be implemented. 

- Quotation marks will be added to the description of Cecilia’s Heroic Skin [Black-Winged Succubus]


Blame me for all of your lust and infidelity. Just close your eyes and dream of ecstasy


“Blame me for all of your lust and infidelity. Just close your eyes and dream of ecstasy”

- An issue where typos appeared in certain languages when players initially summon Elena will be fixed.

- An issue where the description for the “Barrier Buff Effect” was omitted when Romann equipped Exclusive Equipment that 

enhances his skill Gravitation by adding a Barrier Buff, will be fixed.

- An issue where an unintended image displayed during Wanda’s Specialty Change Story, will be fixed.

- An issue where Blood Blade Karin’s Passive Skill, Cursed Sword, did not activate immediately, even if Blood Blade Karin’s Health was 

not at 100% at the start of the stage will be fixed.

■ Story Mode Improvements

- Typos in the Side Story, ‘A small Miracle’ will be fixed.

- Typos in Episode 2, Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 will be fixed.

- An issue where certain text in Aakhen Exile Colony’s description were not displayed correctly will be fixed. 

- An issue where certain quest names in the Adventurer’s Path were not displayed correctly will be fixed.

■ Improvements and changes related to Monsters

- Modifications will be made to Ropla Monsters from Episode 2 so that their class matches those displayed in the Monster Journal. 

There will be no functional changes.

- A typo in Straze’s skill in Episode 2 in Korean will be fixed.

- An issue where Karven’s Invincibility continued, which prevented players from clearing the stage when the Enemy Boss Vivian was 

defeated under certain conditions in Episode 2, Chapter 4-5, Tree of Old Memories, will be fixed.

- An issue where the Boss Vivian’s ‘Mystical Creature’ Skill displayed an incorrect skill icon will be fixed. There will be no functional 


- The Monster Journal will now display all skillsets of a monster even if a Monster has more than three skills. 

- Skills will be displayed in the Monster Journal according to the order in which the skills are displayed on the monster’s information 


- A change will be made to Wild Angar’s skill, Lament in the Automaton Tower so that the skill effect to extend a debuff displays 




The text “Resistance” was displayed even when the enemy did not have a debuff effect and resisted the effect.


The text “Resistance” will be shown only in situations where the enemy both has a debuff effect and the effect to extend the duration was resisted.

- In the Side Story, [Eulogy for a Saint], Heat Symaqus from Defense Battles will now how have the probability to drop Catalysts.

■ Improvements in Storage Function

- Improvements will be made so that players can move two or more Heroes or Artifacts at the same time from the [Hero > Storage 


- If players select Heroes or Artifacts to retrieve from the left side, the selected Heroes or Artifacts will move to the inventory space 

shown on the right side (Maximum of 20).

- Heroes and Artifacts cannot be retrieved at the same time.

- If players move from the Hero tab to the Artifact tab or tap on the [Clear] button after they have selected the Heroes/Artifacts to 

be moved to their inventory, the selected Heroes or Artifacts will be cleared from the right column so that players can re-select 

Heroes or Artifacts to be retrieved.

 At a later time, we will also be adding a function where players can directly sell Artifacts or transmit Heroes from the Storage Menu

■ UI Improvements and Fixes

- A display mode will be added where players can see the lobby unobstructed. This mode will be activated once no command is 

inputted after 15 seconds in the lobby. Upon activation, all UI in the lobby will temporarily disappear so that players can have a 

clearer view of the lobby and their Heroes so that they can take better screenshots.

- An improvements will be made so that a notification will appear in cases in which players acquire Equipment or Artifacts via a 

merchant from the Shop, the Secret Shop, the Pop-up Shop, their Mailbox, or a dungeon.

- An improvement will be made so Equipment Chests that have a select option can more easily be seen.

- [Conquest Point] shops will display Arena Equipment categorized according to their season.

1)Equipment for the current season will not be categorized and will be listed at the very top of the screen.

2)Equipment for previous seasons will be categorized under the current season’s equipment, starting from Season 1 equipment

3)In situations in which players have purchasable equipment for different seasons, the number of purchasable equipment will be shown in 

the list

- Improvements will be made so that the scroll section remains at the same location even if there are changes in Hero and 

Equipment Inventory, or Storage.

- Improvements will be made so that players can view their main rewards from specific contents from the Obtainable Reward section.

- A new category “Ingredient Heroes” will be added to Side Story > Exchange

* Penguins and Phantasmas will be added to this category

- An issue where an Artifact’s detailed description was not displayed in certain situations will be fixed.

- [Powder of Knowledge] An issue where the reset time is incorrectly displayed while players are in the Powder of Knowledge shop 

during the reset time, will be fixed

- A change will be made so that the guide for Defense Team formation is shown when players tap [Guild War]

- An issue where players could not claim the rewards for dispatch missions while it displayed 100% progress, will be fixed.

- An issue where the items purchased from the Powder of Knowledge Shop immediately after the shop list has been reset is 

different from what is shown, will be fixed.

- An issue where the remaining time until the Powder of Knowledge Shop will be reset was incorrectly displayed when the player 

entered Powder of Knowledge Shop and the Shop List after it has been reset, will be fixed.

- An issue where Background Packs from Hero Details did not activate under certain situation after activating a Background Pack 

from the Pet House, will be fixed.

- An issue where the Pop-up display shown at the bottom of the window when players purchased the Season Rank, will be fixed.

- In certain languages, there will be text improvements to the drop down menu in regards to the alignment of Dispatch Missions for 

better readability.

■ Arena Honor Season Notice

- We have discovered that we have posted incorrect information in [Update] 11/28(Thu) Update Content regarding Frames 

distributed for participating in Arena.

We found that the information was incorrect and have since corrected this information. Please refer to the corrected notice as well 

as the in-game information for the correct information. 

- We ask for our Heir’s understanding for any inconvenience that our Heirs mat have experienced and we will try our best to provide 

correct information in future notices.

Link: 11/27 Update Content Information

Thank you


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    2019.12.25 10:24 (UTC+0)

    BESTAfter all this time still nothing. You still dance around the core issues with the pet system and insist on pet snacks, at the very least remove synthesis failure.We're actually unpaid Epic Beta Testers.

    You really did break me, I'll just quit, it hurts so much to keep going even though I love this game so much.

    Why don't you want this game to survive like the rest of us do? 

    Don't we give you enough money to give back to us every now and then or are we going to be squeezed out of as much cash as possible until the game shuts down? You could at least thrown us a bone for Christmas but I guess there's nothing but pet snacks and conversion gems in our dim future.

    I really did believe this game would last for years to come but it's clear that you didn't. 

    At least I still have Azur Lane and Dragalia lost, but once there's a big new gacha do you expect people not to jump ship? Or have you made so much already that you just don't care either way.

    Goodbye Epic Seven, I loved you so damn much. 

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    2019.12.25 09:09 (UTC+0)

    BESTSome of that content would've been pretty exciting a month ago. but the slowness at bringing some change to Pet system. the silence toward the disastrous review bombing the game has been receiving, the Grinch taht stole our Christmas.  Does SG truly Believe that World Arena will make us forget everything? Fix the other issue we been mentioning. BAD hunt drop, stamina cost. gold cost.  NO PVE CONTENT UPDATE SINCE LAST ABYSS STAGES. You're not gonna keep people by giving more of what we already have. we want change.

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    2019.12.25 09:13 (UTC+0)

    BESTWhy cant we do Friend battles, if there's no rewards we should be able to mess around with friends instead of making us wait. This was a terrible choice and makes no sense..so sad. So disconnected yall are.

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    2019.12.25 09:08 (UTC+0)


  • images
    2019.12.25 09:09 (UTC+0)

    Some of that content would've been pretty exciting a month ago. but the slowness at bringing some change to Pet system. the silence toward the disastrous review bombing the game has been receiving, the Grinch taht stole our Christmas.  Does SG truly Believe that World Arena will make us forget everything? Fix the other issue we been mentioning. BAD hunt drop, stamina cost. gold cost.  NO PVE CONTENT UPDATE SINCE LAST ABYSS STAGES. You're not gonna keep people by giving more of what we already have. we want change.

    • images
      2019.12.26 01:00 (UTC+0)

      TheDividewe been waiting way longer than that for PVE content adn fix on all the issue thats been plaguing the game. So If you want to defend this company based on your dilusions be my guest.

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      2019.12.26 01:49 (UTC+0)

      STOVE97772197Imagine being complacent enough that you mark the recent Epic Pass as an "improvement"

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    2019.12.25 09:10 (UTC+0)

    would have been nice if they removed fail synthesize

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    2019.12.25 09:10 (UTC+0)

    Nice update good job SG😍

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    2019.12.25 09:13 (UTC+0)

    Why cant we do Friend battles, if there's no rewards we should be able to mess around with friends instead of making us wait. This was a terrible choice and makes no sense..so sad. So disconnected yall are.

    • images
      2019.12.25 14:33 (UTC+0)

      you lack insight so i will explain to you that the RTA is completely new and relatively still untested. this explains why we have pre-seasons and why they last so long. they even tell us that if they see issues arise they will suspend the functionality temporarily.

    • images
      2019.12.26 03:42 (UTC+0)

      STOVE92325646**** already, annoying bastard. If you dont like it just quit. You have a product, use it or ignore it, thats all. Dont need to **** up the game for the rest of us.

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    2019.12.25 09:16 (UTC+0)

    What is a reason of this "Global banned Heroes"? I want to use my Baiken in PvP. Why you cannot nerf a broken hero (Dizzy) instead of just ban it. It looks really weird for me.

    • images
      2019.12.26 03:48 (UTC+0)

      Not every server got guilty gear is why

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      2019.12.26 04:20 (UTC+0)

      Re-read it again about Global arena banned heroes so that you'll understand it STUPID"Spit"

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    2019.12.25 09:17 (UTC+0)

    Please fix the 'no fort' bug in guild wars. We shouldn't be able to have towers deployed without a fort deployed. People are abusing this 'no fort' strategy and it will ruin the fun of guild wars, cause 'no fort' strategy means the opponent cannot gain enough havoc to win in a fair match.

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    2019.12.25 09:20 (UTC+0)

    Happy Holidays everyone!!!!

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    2019.12.25 09:23 (UTC+0)

    EU need lela volin for world arena please.

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    2019.12.25 09:26 (UTC+0)

    When are you fixing the cheating issues with 20iq using the no fort bug on Guild Wars (An exploit) and Kia soul abusing it?

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    2019.12.25 09:28 (UTC+0)

    Wow A.Ravi buff, just wow. The current A.Ravi is already strong and able to self sustain in battle. Now not only she has a fixed 30% crit chance. Now i have to quit all PVP content. I'm speechless to comment. Just out of words.

    • images
      2019.12.25 14:35 (UTC+0)

      hopefully if she ends up overtuned like avildred and corvus initially were, she will get nerf

    • images
      2019.12.26 23:28 (UTC+0)

      STOVE83824712I can already smell the nerf incoming

  • images
    2019.12.25 09:29 (UTC+0)

    okay okay its good, then where a new raid hell boss ? you already announced about reward etc from august 2019 :) 

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      2019.12.25 16:26 (UTC+0)


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    2019.12.25 09:32 (UTC+0)

    so what happens to people who already spend resource making pets?

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      2019.12.26 03:25 (UTC+0)

      This is exactly why they wont change anything about how to make pets or the rate at which they fail, cause they will not compensate us for it after this long, they think our compensation will give us too many free resources or pets and its total BS. I've got 3 pets I use at 4star now but they each have a trash stat on them so how can they compensate for the number of pets I've already failed to 3star or even 2star....they either cant or are simply too greedy to.  :(

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    2019.12.25 09:32 (UTC+0)

    No full refill, no improvements to gears no content you guys get a big F

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    2019.12.25 09:35 (UTC+0)

    So bottomline nothing of new/special except the mentioned adjustments will take place and world arena without rewards will be in, solid ending for a year.

    Oh yeah limited pets now aswell, oh boy cant wait to gacha those aswell!

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    2019.12.25 09:36 (UTC+0)

    What about the FCeci rerun?

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      2019.12.25 16:00 (UTC+0)

      That's your biggest issue?🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🙄🙄🙄

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      Bless my pulls

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