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Banshee Hunt 11 - F********kk

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2019.12.06 12:00 (UTC+0)
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Banshee Hunt Stage 11 Tips!
For clarity purposes, I would refer to the main boss Banshee as Mommy Banshee, and the little Banshees (Mistychains mostly) as Baby Banshees

Tip 1.
You'll find that Yufine is very popular for Banshee 11. Some Yufines could even one-shot Banshee with their third skill if their damage is high enough, especially if coupled with a defense break debuffer. This eliminates the need to deal with the team of 4 baby banshees that come out 2 times (at most) at certain points of Mommy Banshee's health. My Yufine is only at level 50, so I can't deal enough damage to one-shot Mommy Banshee. What I sometimes do is I get mommy Banshee down to about 40% health, THEN use Yufine's S3 on her to kill her before the second Baby Banshee team comes out.

I mostly use a team NOT specialized for Banshee, so everyone reading this could create a fairly similar team, especially if RNG doesn't like you too much.

Tip 2.

Maximize your use of Earth heroes, because Mommy Banshee is a Water girl. They deal 30% more damage to the banshees (you could verify this by looking at Mommy Banshee's skills), plus they have less chance of missing, while having a greater chance of landing a critical hit (Not sure of this, just an observation). In my case, my MVP is a tanky Violet. He counters the hell out of Mommy Banshee AND her babies. Because he counters, I could reduce the number of turns needed to kill the Baby Banshees.

Tip 3.

Use AoE heroes that could deal lots of damage. Earth Vildred is especially useful for this (thus, his image on the IG contest photo, I think). I haven't invested in my Vildred yet, so for this, I use Yufine's S2 Dragon's Roar. This is for dealing with the Baby Banshee team that comes out two times in a battle. Remember that if you can't kill all the Baby Banshees in 3 turns, Mommy Banshee would come back out into her yard and whip out a ton of damage, and trust me, your team is finished after that. Keep your eye on the numer of turns remaining (below Mommy Banshee's health bar). You could also use Arky to deal AoE damage if you don't have a decent Earth hero AoE. I use him whenever I'm desperate.

Tip 4.

Bring a hero, preferably a soul weaver, who can remove debuffs. I don't have an Earth type soul weaver, so I use either Tamarinne or Montmorancy (after Specialty Change). Technically, Montmo is better because she receives less damage from Mommy Banshee, plus her skills are mostly used to remove debuffs. Give her high enough resistance, and she could sustain your whole team for the entirety of the battle. High resistance also means that she'll be less likely to be silenced by Mommy Banshee, allowing her to support your team more. I, however, use a speedy Tamarinne with the Artifact "Wondrous Potion Vial" equipped. If you have this artifact, it's pretty sick. Mine's only at level 8, but it gives an 85% chance to dispel one debuff from an ally at the beginning of the turn. Mommy Banshee can't dish out debuffs faster than my Tama can remove them (I love my Tama so much, I want to cry). I'm not sure, but I think it can even remove Mommy Banshee's curse, thus increasing the survivability of the whole team.

And there you have it! I tried to be as detailed as possible, so that if other players see this, they could build a fairly similar team. It's hard to designate "ideal" heroes for a specific scenario in a gacha game---we all have to make do with the heroes we are blessed with. But in there lies the beauty of the game--you're forced to think up ways to overcome a challenge using the resources you're given. Hope this helps!

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