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Banshee Hunt 11 - I*****37

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2019.12.06 12:00 (UTC+0)
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Here are some tips on how to Banshee 11!

Some Notes:

1) Banshee Lord don't have a build-up strong attack. In fact she only have 2: [first] attack 2 enemies with a CHANCE to poison them. [Second] (And you don't want this to happen ever) if someone is poisoned, it triggers a massive damage attack against your whole team.
2) The [second] attack can also happens when she's returning from divided form. PAY ATTENTION TO THIS! If mistychain poisons you and you kill them all, you'll receive a huge damage, like if you failed to kill them.
3) Banshee Lord divides into 4x Mistychain at roughly 70% HP and 30% HP and recovers about 25%HP when doing it.


- I highly recommend Angelic Montmorancy for this hunt: she can cleanse the annoying poison from Banshee Queen, almost every turn with S2, plus she can apply immunity & clean on S3. She’s also 3*, making her VERY accessible.

- Skills you want to bring to this fight:
offensive skills with:
[decrease defense] - this is a very important skill. It can be single target.
[Decrease hit chance] - I dare to say this is THE MOST powerful debuff for this hunt: if the enemy MISS the attack on you WON'T GET POISONED!!! - This makes it even viable to clear the battle without a cleanser (if it's AoE)

AoE attacks (for the 4xMistychain battles)


- In the first battle (2x broom 1x Mistychain) you want to pile up some Souls: either only S1 the enemy, or use SOME (not all) skills to get more Souls.

- You want to save souls for 2 things: your healer (for emergency) and your strongest DPS (if applyable).


- try to have your team speed balanced with one another. You want the right debuffs at the right times. As in: [decrease defense] to hit right before your DPS


- as stated in the notes, she divide and recover her HP at 70% and 30% HP - this only activates ONCE each (i.e. if she recovers above 70%, when she goes down to 70% again it won't trigger)

- You can take advantage of this: if you manage to bring her down from +70% HP to below 30% HP, she will only divide ONCE. <-- this here is our aim.

- To do this, try to make your DPS act right after your defense breaker. If you have a weaker team (like mine!) you want to do this on the second or third round. Just make sure you [decrease hit chance] before Banshee Lord Attacks -- this will help you avoid being poisoned or at least make your cleanser job easier.

- You want to bring Banshee Lord about to 75% HP (the first taller marker) then apply [decrease defense], then hit with your best DPS skill (preferably the ones with +damage with Soul Burn) -- this will grant you that she'll be down to the second trigger mark (<30%) (Or instakill if your team is strong enough)


- If you failed to bring her to <30% in a single division, you can try again to [decrease defense] around 35% and DPS her to death (wait... she's already "dead" isn't she..: b).

- if once again you failed to defeat her, pray for the goddess (just kidding xD), be ready just to survive till the battle ends: no more divisions, no build-up attacks, just your plain old (and now high damaging) 2-target poison attacks till the end. -- remember though that Banshee Lords increase in both attack and defense every time she comes back. Also, her main attack damage increases every time she uses it, so DON'T take your sweet time in the end.


For reference, the team I use lately is:
- Angelic Montmorancy (with Celestine, but Wondrous Potion Vial may be a better choice xD)
- Kluri/ Falconeer Kluri/ Yufine -- for the [Decrease Defense] debuff. Regular Kluri is a better choice than Falconeer Kluri here, as F.Kluri can mess up the team CR for the [decrease defense]-massive attack combo. Yufine is a RNG choice for the debuff (50% chance), but is superior choice against the 4x Mistychain. She can also doubles as the DPS, but I didn't built mine like that yet.
- Armin (elbris ritual sword) - she's not in the front, so ERS can activate more often. Extra damage when allies get hit + chance to stun is an extra :) - she is mainly here for [decrease hit chance]. It’s a godly skill against Banshee, preventing poison from even activating in the first place. Her S3 can prevent good chunks of damage, and in case I fail to remove all poison from the divided battle, she is there to help the team survive. There’s an Exclusive equipment that also removes 1 debuff from the whole team o S3. It’s a nice choice for aiding/replacing your cleanser (1 Soul Burn S3 for reduced cooldown)
- Lilibet is my DPS. She’s versatile in the 4x mistychain battles also: S2 grants 50% CR to her. basically she clears 2 mistychains in 1 Banshee Lord "turn"

Characters you can use and are easy to obtain (Earth only):
- 3* Helga [decrease defense] and [increase attack] + speed imprint. She can gives your team the extra damage for a faster result ;)
- 3* Jecht (with Woundrous potion vial) -- passively cleans your team out of poison hazard: D also have the valuable [decrease hit chance] to AVOID being poisoned in the first place. Lastly, 2 turns of [increase speed] and [continuous healing] (heals 15% of HP at start of turn) can somewhat counter the poison damage, but won't prevent B11's extra attack.
- 3* Mucacha his S3 is a 100% [decrease defense] -- less versatile than Helga, but more guaranteed debuff
- 3* Kluri/Falconeer Kluri -- her S3 also have 100% [decrease defense] and her passive skill can heal every turn. Beware that a Falconeer Kluri can mess up your team lineup with her random-ally-CR-gain upgrade.


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