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Banshee Hunt 11 - K****i

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Banshee 11



I may have not added some units whom are very viable in Banshee 11, so please forgive me.

ALSO, these tips/guides and builds are solely for Banshee 11, and may differ in other content such as GvG or PvP




ML - Moonlight

DPS - Damage per Second

ST - Single Target

RnL - Rhianna and Luciella (5* thief artifact)

DDJ - Daydream Joker (3* artifact)

AoE - Area of Effect (usually hits all enemies/allies)

Aurius Tank - a tank with aurius (4* knight artifact) to potentially soak up some damage

CR - Combat Readiness; one of the most crucial parts of the game, affecting turn cycling. It can be reduced or increased, and the unit(s) with 100% will have a turn.


Mechanics and Tips


Banshee 11, like most Stage 11 hunts, has its share of differences and similarities with its earlier stages.

The difference between the lower stages and Banshee 11 is that, whenever she splits, she heals, dispels all buff from your allies, and summons 4 Mistychains instead. These Mistychain can deal high dmg and poison your team as well as having stackable atk and def for every dead Mistychains, and when even a single Mistychain is left alive after Banshee gets 3 turns, she will appear and nuke your team and give one of your units a curse that can potentially kill the debuffed unit. It is better that you kill Banshee immediately as it actually gets buffed for every turn she gets, making the game harder as it progresses through. Make use of Earth heroes as they deal 30% more damage and non-earth heroes do 30% less damage. Any fire type unit will have their speed decreased as well as their CR to 0%. 

Use buffs wisely (whenever the boss is far from 70% or 40% hp, and after she splits, to kill all Mistychains fast, and it is also better to kill all Mistychains in one go to prevent them from getting stackable attack and defense).

It is best that you plan everything before making her split, although not too long to make her stack her passive.

Her Curse can be prevented with immunity, and it is best to cleanse ALL debuffs ASAP.


Team Composition:


It is recommended that you go fill your team with these roles:


Buffer - very important, especially immunity (to avoid poison and Banshee's passive)


AoE DPS - very crucial for teams that cannot one shot Banshee to skip her thresholds, as it allows faster wave clear for the first wave and splitting phases.


ST DPS - single target damage dealers can be used depending on your team, such as an attempt to one shot. Mostly used for late game farming, not suitable for beginners unless you have an AoE dps with your ST DPS.


Healers - recommended if you cannot one shot the boss. Your healer must have cleansing capabilities or immunity buff in order to sustain throughout the fight.


Defense breaker - really, really, needed. Makes the fight quicker, preventing the boss from stacking buffs. Although deadly without proper preparation since she might split when your team's hp is low. 


Suggested team comps:


Aurius Tank/Healer 



Defense breaker


This team comp will help you fight against the boss while sustaining, although the fight might take longer, her splitting phase will be more doable with your AoE DPS, and your defense breaker will greatly increase the damage you deal. It is suggested to at least have a cleanser, as well as an Aurius support tank or another healer.


Defense Breaker/Target Debuff

Burst ST DPS/AoE/CR manipulator

Burst ST DPS

Attack buffer


A team comp used by people who have enough damage to one shot Banshee, with the right set up that is. Having a defense break and target debuff landed on the boss is very crucial for this comp to work, as it will greatly increase your damage. An AoE DPS or CR manipulator (Celestial Mercedes, Shadow Rose, etc.) will definitely help to either clear the first wave of mobs or to push your slow units, allowing for a faster auto farm. Having a burst ST DPS (such as Yufine) and a 3turn attack buffer, will definitely help for a faster clear. Having two burst ST dps can also help if you do not mind slowing down for more success rates.


Recommended Units:

(Note: some categories might feel lacking, as there are units already mentioned on another category)




Angelic Montmorancy (Ice) - best in slot, no doubt. S3 gives immunity and dispels debuffs of an ally (AoE if soulburned), can consistently cleanse with her S2 + skill tree runes, and has a very high base effect resistance (40% from skill tree), and very F2P as she is a 3 star, the only downside is that you have to grind her skill tree and specialty change. Best sets are; speed/hp, speed/resist or speed/def, with an hp% necklace, hp%/effect resistance ring, and a speed main stat boots, and her best sub stats are; HP%/speed > def% > effect resistance. Her best artifacts are: Water's Origin/Proof of Valor (for squishy Momos), Rod of Amaryllis (for teams with high hp) Shimadra Staff, Magaraha's Tome, or Wondrous Potion Vial.


Angelica (Ice) - a 4 star unit with a great kit, high hp base, but the downside is her very low base speed and 0 cleansing capabilities. She is very useful for Banshee as she can grant Barrier, Immunity and AoE heal using her S3 and a very strong single/double target heal from her S2. Best used with a speed/hp set or speed/def set along with hp% necklace and ring, and speed main stat boots, sub stats priority of HP% > Def%/speed > effect resistance. Her best artifacts are Idol's Cheer (since she is very tanky), Rod of Amaryllis, Shimadra Staff, Wondrous Potion Vial (best in slot if you lack cleansers), or Water's Origin.


Tamarinne (Fire) - a 5 star unit with the best, all around kit, and that alone makes her so useful in Banshee despite being fire elemental. Her S3 is her transform skill that has 9 turns (8 when enhanced) of cooldown, even at the start of the battle, both S1 and S2 decreases its cooldown by another turn, and her transformation also fully heals her. Her S1 is an attack that also heals the lowest hp ally proportional to their max hp, and turns into an AoE dispel and a dual attack with the unit who has the highest attack. Her S2 is a heal that scales with her max hp, and also grants up to 50% AoE combat readiness whenever she's in Idol Form. She is best used with speed/hp set, hp% necklace and ring, best sub stats are; HP%/speed > def% > effect resistance/effectiveness. Recommended artifacts are; Celestine, Rod of Amaryllis, Shimadra Staff, Water's Origin, Wondrous Potion Vial, Magaraha's Tome (makes her cycle her skills faster), or Prophetic Candlestick.


Jecht (Earth) - a 3 star budget cleanser if you can't use Wondrous Potion Vial or Angelic Montmorancy. Has a passive that works like Wondrous Potion Vial, and his Speed Imprint really helps too. Best built with speed/hp set, hp% necklace and ring, speed boots. Artifacts; Rod of Amaryllis, Celestine, Magaraha's Tome, Water's Origin/Proof of Valor, Wondrous Potion Vial (if you really need to).


Lots (Earth) - 4 star unit with loads of CR push and continuous healing buffs that can stack. Best used for longer fights, with the same recommended equipment as Tamarinne.


Diene (Ice) - a limited 5 star soul weaver with crit resistance buff, 3 turn attack buff, grants barrier, and can also cleanse debuffs. Can use recommended equipment of either Angelica or Tamarinne.


Defense Breakers


Leo (Earth) - a 4 star ranger that can equip Song of Stars, which will greatly increase damage dealt. He can also AoE stun, granting a faster and safer first wave. He will mostly benefit with ~55% effectiveness, and a lot of speed. Best used with speed/hit set, speed/hp set, or speed/crit set, sub stat priority being HP%/Speed/Effectiveness, with hp%/crit dmg necklace, atk/hp%/effectiveness ring, and speed boots. Best artifact will definitely be Song of Stars.


Bellona (Earth) - a 5 star ranger that can also equip Song of Stars. She can consistently defense break the enemy team with her S3 and her S1's passive, activating S3 whenever S1 is used with full stacks (5). She's a very flexible unit I must say, as she can be built purely for her defense break, or to a slightly slower dps unit. She is best used with speed/crit, or speed/hit sets with crit.dmg/hp% necklace, effectiveness/atk%/hp% ring, and speed boots, having her sub stats prioritized as; atk%/crit.dmg/speed/crit/hp%/effectiveness. Best used with either Rosa Hargana to maximize 1st skill's passive or Song of Stars.


Seaside Bellona (Ice) - a limited 5 star ranger that has the same recommended equips as Bellona, only differing in mechanism. Her S2 is now a passive that shares 50% of the damage she takes with the unit in front, and every time the enemy attacks, she gains 1 stack per attack (4 in case of AoE attacks), and also gains 1/3 stacks using S1 and S3 respectively.


Taranor Guard (Ice) - a 3 star unit widely used for wyvern 11 due to his S1's consistent defense break, and his passive that increases dual attack chance. ~55% effectiveness is needed (if S1 is already +4'd). Best sets are; speed/crit or speed/hit or speed/hp. HP%/crit.dmg (if you're using DDJ) necklace, HP%/atk%/effectiveness ring, and speed boots. Best used with DDJ for faster runs, Proof of Valor, or Midnight Bloom.


Assassin Cartuja (Dark) - a 4 star ML Variant of Cartuja, that grants the team some evasion through his passive, which is very handy for survival. His S3 can stun and defense break. Best used with speed/hit, speed/crit, speed/hp, main stats; hp%/crit dmg necklace, effectiveness/atk%/hp% ring, and speed boots. Recommended artifacts are; Creation and Destruction, Draco Plate, Strak Gauntlet, Hell Cutter, El's Fist, or Sigurd's Sycthe. 


Shadow Rose (Dark) - 4 star ML Variant of Rose. She can act both as a defense breaker, and a CR manipulator. S3 decreasing the enemies' by 25% and increasing yours by 25%, which is technically 50% CR worth of advantage. Her S2 can defense break, and her S1 with unhealable or defense break whenever the enemy has above 50% hp. She is best built with speed/hp set, with HP% HP% speed main stats. Subs tats are speed > hp > effectiveness. Artifacts: Aurius, Holy Sacrifice, Sword of Ezera, Noble Oath, Proof of Valor or Adamant Shield.




Cidd (Earth) - a 4 star Thief that can grant speed buff to himself whenever he crits with S1, a passive that grants effects whenever he has speed buff, and an S3 that can deal strong elemental damage whenever he has speed buff. His S1 can inflict defense break for 1 turn whenever he has speed buff. For Defense Break purposes, go for speed/crit, which crit/crit dmg necklace, atk%/effectiveness ring, and speed boots. He can also be built as a DPS with 6 crit sets, crit dmg atk% speed/atk% right side main stats. Best used with RnL, Ranon's Memorandum, Alexa's Basket, or ML Dreamblade.


Challenger Dominiel (Dark) - a 4 star ML Variant of Dominiel that can deal astonishing amounts of damage, with the right set up and soulburn. S3 grants AoE crit buff + 10~20% CR boost, while her passive increases her CR and her next attack's damage for every crit her allies make. Best used with rage/crit, attack/crit, or destruction/crit. Crit.dmg atk% atk% main stats. Subs tats should be crit.dmg > atk%. Best in slot artifact is definitely Ka'aldra. 


Yufine (Earth) - a 5 star warrior that can deal insane damage with her S3 (increases by 50% when the enemy is buffed) and strips all buffs, and grants extra turn when soulburned. Her S2 is an AoE attack that can silence enemies and strip 1 buff from all enemies.


Charles (Earth) - a 5 star knight that can be built deadly using counter/crit or counter/hp set, with Elbris Ritual Sword, and a damage oriented build. Main stats are crit.dmg/atk% atk% and speed/atk%. He has a chance to proc S2 with S1, so using counters, he has a higher chance to proc his S2, and he can also clear first wave and Mistychains using S3, and grant buffs with it as well.


Luna (Ice) - a limited 5 star warrior with strong element attack on S3 and def break, a passive that increases atk and crit rate by 20~30%, and her S1 that deals damage depending by hits. 1 hit will reduce 1 turn from her S3 and her attack scaling is 0.7, while 2 turns are reduced with 2 hits, scaling with 1.4, and 3 hits reducing 3 turns, and a whooping 2.1 atk scaling, almost as strong as her soulburned S3.


Specter Tenebria (Dark) - 5 star ML that gets a permanent stealth (not useful for Banshee though) and gets 7~10% atk and def per ally/enemy death, and her S1 applies poison, and gives an extra turn when soulburned. Her S3 is very deadly as it can Stun, decrease cr (if it kills the target) and increase her S3's damage by 20% per debuff inflicted. She is recommended to go with the same equipment as Challenger Dominiel.




Vivian (Earth) - a 5 star mage that can buff with her S3, granting herself greater atk buff, atk buff to others, and immunity for 3 turns. Her S2 is an AoE skill that can be recasted for 2 extra times whenever the previous (re)cast killed an enemy. She is best used with destruction/crit, 6 crit sets, atk/crit, speed/crit, with crit.dmg necklace, atk% ring, and speed/atk% boots. Subs tats are crit.dmg > atk%/speed > crit chance. Best Artifacts are Etica's Scepter, Time Matter, Chatty, Dignus Orb, Ka'aldra or Sira Ren.


Vildred (Earth) - a 5 star thief that is AoE centered, with all his skills attacking 2 or more units. His S1 attacks a target + a random enemy, while his S3 attacks all units, and can even be soulburned for more damage. His passive increases his CR and grants him an attack buff whenever an enemy dies. He is best used with the same gear as Vivian, with the artifacts; RnL, Alexa's Basket, ML Dreamblade, or Dust Devil.




General Purrgis (Light) - a 4 star warrior that can increase CR or allies by 10~15% every time he gets attacked. He also grants an attack buff whenever he uses his S3. He is best used with speed/hp, hp% hp% speed main stats, while prioritizing speed > hp% sub stats. Creation and Destruction, El's Fist, or any other artifact will do.


Rose (Ice) - a 4 star Knight that can grant 2 turn(3 turns when soulburned) attack buff and cr push with her S3, while her S2 dispels 2 debuffs, pushes CR, and grants barrier proportional to her def, and a 1st skill increasing def whenever she has below 50% hp and provoking whenever she is not. Best used with speed/def or speed/hp sets, with either def%/hp%, def%/hp% and speed/def%/atk% main stats, prioritizing speed > def%/hp%


Honorable Mentions:


Tywin (Ice) - a 5 star Knight that can AoE defense break, and is also granted an extra turn with S3 when soulburned. His S2 grants crit buff and attack buff to an ally and also pushes their CR. Usually built with speed/hit, speed/hp. HP% neck, effectiveness/hp% ring, speed/hp% boots. Can use the following artifacts: Sword of Ezera, Noble Oath, Holy Sacrifice, Proof of Valor, Aurius, Adamant Shield, and Prophetic Candlestick.


Assassin Cidd (Dark) - a 4 star thief that has defense break on S1


Aither (Ice) - we all know him already


Guider Aither (Light) - built like a dps unit


Blaze Dingo (Light) - also built like a dps unit 


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