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Banshee Hunt 11 - F*****do

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2019.12.06 12:00 (UTC+0)
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First things first, Banshee floor 11 ("B11") is primarily water element with a passive that boosts damage dealt by earth element units and reduces damage taken. On the flip side, B greatly hinders the overall effectiveness of fire units by inflicting increased damage coupled with decreased speed and combat readiness when the banshee's health thresholds are activated. It is strongly advised that Earth units should be the main priority in any Banshee 11 team. Water, dark and light units are potential alternatives if there's a space on the team missing, however, most of the team can be filled by 3* earth units in the normal method.


The first stage of the fight is relatively simple, with the Mistychain and the brooms being fairly easy to clean up with a strong damage dealer. They only have 10k hp each, and should be killed ASAP before they stagger the main fight.


As for the main fight, there are two main automatic methods of clearing B11, and each will be discussed in detail below;



Normal Method (Slowly but surely) (3-5 minutes)

The banshee's primary damage source consists of poisoning two members of your team for 3 turns, and any subsequent hits on poisoned targets will result in your team taking massive damage (7-8k for squishier targets from the curse debuff). This introduces a mechanic where you MUST not have any of your team members poisoned if the banshee is going to use its primary skill. The banshee will use its primary skill on all turns except when a health threshold is triggered, including when it reforms from the mobs. It’s very important that poison is consistently cleansed from your team by your soul weaver. 


For this reason Jecht is a strong candidate for a wind healer in B11 equipped with a Wondrous potion vial artefact. He will provide consistent cleanses every turn with both his passive and the artefact, giving your team the ability to kill the banshee consistently. He's very easy to build as MolaGoras are not required for skillups, and needs to only be 5* with approximately ~10k hp and with 170-180 speed.  Priorities maxing out the potion vial and his passive to ensure consistency.


Other candidates for your healer role can be Destina or Montmorancy, these two healers provide a similar level of support, but each have some slight weaknesses (Destina can only cleanse with 3rd skill or only lowest hp unit with exclusive equipment/ Montmorancy is a water unit, will take more damage and give a boost to the banshee). 


Now, the main gimmick of B11 is the spirit shield that the banshee automatically erects once it's health falls below certain thresholds, this split will also heal the banshee for approximately 10-15% of its maximum health. The first HP threshold is at approximately 70-75% hp, the second being at approximately 35-45% hp. These HP thresholds will enable the banshee to split into multiple smaller mobs, which have relatively high damage but low health. It's important to note that as soon as the last banshee is killed, the banshee will instantly take a turn after the last bit of damage is dealt.  This extra turn will use the primary skill again, and will be devastating if there are any poison effects on your team. Your cleanser needs to move while the smaller banshees are still alive to ensure that there are no poison effects on your team. These splits can only be activated once per threshold, but proper preparation needs to be made for each split to ensure clean auto runs.


For the purposes of your damage dealers, it is strongly advised that an Area of Effect ("AoE") damage dealer is one of your main damage dealers to facilitate quick and easy cleanup of the smaller mobs during the split. Potential candidates for damage dealers include Vildred, Charles, Cidd, Bellona, Yufine, Vivian, Leo, Sez, Clarissa, Zerato and many more. The main deciding factor for damage dealers is that they need to provide substantial burst damage, or AoE damage. The damage dealers do not need have very high gear requirements for the normal method, needing only 7-8k hp (if they're earth), and any amount of damage needed to clear the splits in 1 or 2 turns. It’s also advised that they have a little bit of speed (approximately 160) to ensure that they can get enough turns in to efficiently kill the split banshee. 


Another key factor for any b11 run is a defense breaker. Among all of the hunts, B11 has by far the highest defense, and a lack of a defense break will result in long and arduous auto runs. To remedy this, strong wind defense breakers range among many units, such as Falconer Kluri, Leo, Iseria, Leo, Helga and Bellona. These will provide you with substantially faster runs, but need to be built with relatively high accuracy (60%+) to make sure that defence breaks are consistent. Each of these units have their own benefits, such as falconer providing extra sustainability, and Bellona dealing more damage, pick the one which suits you!


The final unit is highly flexible dependent on team composition, and should be mainly picked for your liking.  You may fit dogs (phantasma) in here if you're confident, otherwise more damage or more healing are always welcome. Just remember that elements other than earth will put you at a slight disadvantage, and do not bring fire units!





Speed Method (Quick and Spicy) (-1 minute)

This method is geared towards more experienced users who are well versed in farming and gearing units.

Due to the very low health pool of the banshee, it is possible to kill the banshee before the health thresholds activate. This will save a substantial amount of time as you do not need to worry about the boss splitting, and result in clean runs that can be within a minute. The downside to this tactic is that there is much more randomness associated with this tactic, and will result in more failed runs. 


Gearing up for the speed method is much more demanding and requires much more specific units to pull off. To consistently pull this tactic off, you need one attack buffer (at least 2 turns), one high AoE damage dealer, one incredibly high damage single target nuker, and a consistent defence breaker (preferably 100% activation rate).


The idea behind this team is that the AoE damage dealer should be able to one shot the first wave of monsters (10k Damage with Atk buff) before the single target damage nuke and the defence breaker can take a turn. There are a few exceptions to the defence breaker getting the first turn, but it'll be discussed later. Then on the banshee, the rest of the team acts before the nuker to reduce the banshee's health just before the threshold (70-80%), and allows your nuke to one hit the banshee upwards of 60-70k damage. 


Now onto candidates.


Attack Buffers: Vivian (preferable), she provides a 3 turn attack buff while allowing your team to sustain a free hit from the banshee due to her added immunity buff. These buffs will carry over from the first fight (assuming that your damage dealer is slower than her). An added bonus is that she will use her second skill first on the banshee, removing any off chance of a dual attack to push the banshee over the hp threshold. Remember that damage control is very important. 

Other candidates include; Helga (2t), Maid Chloe (3t, may dual Atk), Rose (2t), Yuna (2t, may dual Atk), Diene (3t, limited unit), Elson etc.


AoE damage dealer: Arbiter Vildred/Charles, These units are all easily capable of one shotting the first wave of units with attack buff. They will also not activate a dual attack on the main banshee as they will priorities their 3rd/2nd skills respectively. 

Coming at a close second is Vildred/Celestial Mercedes (2 turn kill, 3rd -> 2nd), who both can one shot the first wave of mobs, but may proc a dual attack on the second fight. 

Gearing for the AoE damage dealer will be very difficult, as they need to be move before the defense breaker, and consistently deal 10k damage. A recommended build would be on an attack/ Crit rate set with Crit dmg% necklace, Atk% ring and Atk% Boots, prioritizing high damage sub stats on the other gears too. The recommended artefact would be Exorcist's Tonfas, or Portrait of the Saviors (limited artefact). 


Defense Breakers: Falconer Kluri (recommended), she is very capable of consistently defense breaking with an 100% activation chance on her 3rd skill, and will provide the best chance at getting a defense break. She should be built slower than your AoE damage dealer, and with +100% effectiveness to make sure that defense break lands. 


Other potential candidates include Leo, shadow rose and Bellona. Be warned that these act very differently, where Leo and shadow rose may be faster than your Atk buffers/AoE damage. 


Bellona has the highest gear requirements to act as a consistent defense breaker, but will reduce your requirements for your AoE damage. This is because she is able to defense break the first round of mobs before moving onto the second boss, enabling less stats for the damage dealer. However, she has absurdly high speed requirements to take advantage of her 100% defense break proc of her 3rd skill, needing to have at least double your nuker's speed. For context, Baiken has 113 base speed, and with the lowest speed possible Bellona needs to have 231 speed to consistently outpace Baiken twice, this may vary between nukers.


Nukers: Baiken/Yufine/Cidd, your nuker needs to have the BEST OF THE BEST damage equipped on them to deal that juicy 60-70k single target damage. Baiken will be able to take two turns with her 2nd skill before the banshee splits, so a 3t atk buff is highly recommended if you're using her. Yufine is a more accessible option, but needs to have slightly better gear (but less effectiveness). I'm unsure of how many stats you need on each of these units, but in terms of gear it’s recommended to put them on Atk/destruction set with Crit rate subset and on Crit dmg% necklace/ Atk% ring/ Atk% boots to ensure that they are able to output maximum damage. Baiken may use Torn sleeve, Portrait of the Saviors, Exorcist's Tonfas or Elhya's Knife, Yufine can use Exorcist's tonfa, Portrait of the Saviors, Uberius's Tooth or Draco Plate, and Cidd may use Portrait of the Saviors, Exorcist's Tonfas or Elhya's Knife.


This recommended speed team will not always be 100% consistent due to innate resistance chances and dual attacks, but will save you a lot of time in the long run.



Good luck!


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