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my account data was eliminated [2]

I just met a app crash. When I sign in again, my data on JP server was gone!!!!!!!!!!! I lost a lv.46 accout for nothing???????

Sincerely, I love this game. plz dont let me disapointed.

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    2019.12.04 02:33 (UTC+0)

    Hi, guesser! We're so sorry that you encountered this problem. Please immediately contact the Epic Seven Customer Service Team. They'll help you locate your account. Kindly make sure that you choose the right server when you submit an inquiry. Also, provide your in-game name, server, and e-mail linked to your account. Hopefully, you'll get your account back and play the game soon!

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    2019.12.04 14:49 (UTC+0)

    Did your account was linked to something? facebook, gmail, stove account? cuz if you were playing on a guest account it's a total rip for you, no way to get it back.

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