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Dear SmileGate. #2 [3]

Dear SmileGate.#2
    I will tell you little tips to make player want to pay for you.

1.Make player feel what their pay worth for it.
      Just like Leaf/Skystone give their energy.
If player don't feel it worth for the price. They will only use the free that you give them.

2.Make Epic equipment often appear on Garo's shop.
      Epic equipment cost 1.4m. If Status is good. they will buy it. and Garo's shop reset every hour. that mean player who don't have gold their pocket. They need to find gold quickly to buy it. if they can't, and still want it.
They will pay Skystone to buy your gold shop.

3.Make milestone on MLsummon.
    Make it high count on guarantee ml5star. and half way with guarantee ml4star.
    Some player with very bad luck. play for year. And still don't have ml5star. Do you know  how they feel. Make player have any hope. And they will be with you longer.

Game is business. you have your employee to pay their salary.
But don't greedy too much. Be good guy and make player feel "want" to support/buy. Don't make they feel "must" to support/buy. If they feel "must". not too long player will walk away from you.

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    2019.12.03 11:53 (UTC+0)

    I won't say you are wrong but I will say this. ML summons pity will never be a thing. If they ever add that, it's just means they are greedy because people will spend loads to literally get all the ML 4* and 5*. So when you tell SG to not be greedy but give an example for them to be greedy, it sorta contradicts your own point. Even as of now their revenue has been going down for the pass few months because they are not pushing p2w materials. If they are greedy they would do it, but they CURRENTLY are not. I get that the ML pity is meant for f2p players but that also means p2w players can abuse it. 

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