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[Global] "Daboys" are recruiting! rank 300 and pretty chill

  • RANK67
  • Arcamic[Arcamic]
  • 2019.12.03 04:01 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 150

Guild: "Daboys" (Global)
Guild wars rank: 252
What we're looking for:
-Guild wars enthusiasts!
-Willing to join discord
-lvl 64+ and challenger+(negotiable but we're at a pretty high GW rank)

Guild Perks
-24/7 gold/exp buffs (can ping us in discord if they're not up)
-50 daily stamina
-5x mystics rewards from guild wars! around 100 per war if things go well
-We've collected a ton of e7 resources you may not have and are always here to bounce ideas around
Our Guild
We're pretty relaxed and don't keep track of win/loss stats ect, we just ask that our members try their best. We do have quite a few people that like to stream their GW attacks and will normally jump into disc to focus down a stronghold, not required at all but we're around if you ever want to join us =)

Send me a PM or jump into discord and someone will help you out
Arcanic#3569 (arcamic in global)

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