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arena season 4 equipment [1]

do anyone find this equipment interesting, like for example why would anyone want effectiveness set, if the effectiveness in my opinion is obsolete because of the 15% innate resistance of all units from pvp and pve, that makes a 100%+ effectiveness like it is nothing even when facing an 0% effect resistance unit, so if that 15% didnt exist in the first place then one could consider like saying"well this boss has 50% effect resistance, then i dont want to have luck when trying to put debuffs, so i would try to use an effectiveness set so i could turn that 30% to 50% so my debuff would never fail" in that case that 20% would make a huge difference but how it is right now it is just a trash set and gear, hope that this open the eyes of the devs and make some changes to that innate 15%.

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    2019.12.02 21:55 (UTC+0)

    i dont like the current arena set. however, i plan to spread 2 items across 3 characters... atleast ill still be able to use them. 

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