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Guild Recruitment

7Heaven look for some real savages

7heaven looking for real active savages

7Heaven lvl 16 Guild Recruitment lol we chill af 

Guild Recruitment Looking for a hardcore/active player around lvl 65  with solid team comps, LOOKING TO BE THE TOP IN GUILD WARS. Please PM me in Discord @Majin. If you do not meet the requirements and still wish to join us u can PM Kayotic#3681, Zihark#0934  or myself on discord. Always clarify in chat if u have any questions about us. Discord isn't required but recommended https://discord.gg/naJTzxK 

Guild: 7Heaven 

Level: 16 

Region: Global 



- Complete ALL weekly missions 

- Weekly donation must hit 500 and above. Exemptions will be given to those who told us beforehand about it. 

- Daily Activity 

- Donate 

- Request/Give Aid 

- GUILD WARS Goals: To be top guild in guild wars Spots: 26/30 members currently

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