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Another f!ck you from smile gate? [6]

They never give anything we ask for they always go the long way to avoid giving us what we want,! An most of the time is because they have people who constantly say the wrong things to us the spenders when we complain. Now smile gate responded an the miss every mark we ask to be address let me tell you guys who quick to jump on a post a critic it for smile gate the game isn't lasting long this way when ever they mess up the way they correct the issue isn't correcting it's making it more messed up an that's why we need to say things in peace so an not have sheeps an trolls on our post!!!!

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    2019.12.02 20:42 (UTC+0)

    they give u a contents improvement notice under a week since patch

    they do eventually give things that favor us (they cant give EVERYTHING IMMEDIATELY)

    peel ur eyes open

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