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Glory cret reset every SS so we forced to play Arena [3]

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  • Jeaden
  • 2019.12.02 18:45 (UTC+0)
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That is only reason that currency is add in the game, PvP or any modes is not everyones cup of tea but you need to at least play some to buy supplies for your heroes and PvE consumable! but since conquest points can be earn slowly outside of arena, so ppl don't like to compete in arena can save up and can buy an set every few season, they can't get everything like an active competitor

but that not enough for SG for some reason, they add in an secondary currency that reset every seasons! This system make players can't even saving but forcefully to play Arena like every one else if they want to supplies their heroes with goods! i felt like players not been given a choice at all! 

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    2019.12.02 19:18 (UTC+0)

    I do hate the fact that they are resetting everything we earned even during the season. I mean they gave out 5800 GC which was enough to cover up the cost to empty out the shop for season 3 but that doesn't justify resetting the ones we earned during season 3. It was their mistake but we suffered for it and they don't care.

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    2019.12.02 19:59 (UTC+0)

    I remember when all you had in the arena were Conquest Points and nothing else... then i took a Glory Crest to the face.

    It is there to force people to play every season and nothing else.

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    2019.12.02 22:07 (UTC+0)

    It is true and it makes you farm those currency but if you think the other day, you are doing it anyways for that passive weekly skystone whatever rank you are in. Not alot at lower rank but it adds up over time.

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