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WB is DoA. Just make the 30% gold buff baseline [1]

I'm sorry but making the world bossngive better rewards isn't going to fix the issue people have with it.

It was teased as a big feature where you would FIGHT a boss that was hard to kill, but turned out to be a boring combat power checker with animations. No amount of improving the rewards is going to make people like it. They wanted a boss to fight. Not a copy pasted feature from Summoners war. Of all the games to copy from, you chose summoners war, seriously? Should have made it more akin to raid bosses from final fantasy brave exvius. Would have been much better.

On top of that smilegate, you've added so many gold sinks to the game, yet no way of earning more gold. 10% extra gold from selling gear via pets is NOT going to cut it. Instead you should make the 30% gold buff event baseline. If 30% is too much, then at least 20%.

It's hard to keep up when you keep adding more and more features that cost gold.

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    2019.12.02 14:04 (UTC+0)

    or they could just make a gold dungeon like every other game because it works .... 

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