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Dear SmileGate/SuperCeative [3]

Dear SmileGate/SuperCeative
       Do you still not realize the source of problem.
1.player don't have enough energy
     becuase they farm hunt to make equipment for their heros. but this content is infinity RNG loop.

2.player don't have enough gold.
     becuase the cost of everthing in game is high. but the highest is the cost of enchant equipment.

     -Just fix the drop rate in hunt or make it one sure  drop equipment and make other thing is addition drop.
     -Reduce cost of enchantment equipment to 50-75%
      -Make 1leaf and 30skystone can fill at least 100~max energy.

   If you only fix this problem. it make player can have more gold in their pocket. then their can spend on pet system or make more equipment for heros that you make content that need many heros.
and you don't need to make conversion equipment system that (trash+trash+trash = new epic trash)
   Just solve this problem. then you can take you time to make new content.

   RNG on hunt is something that player need to fight. I can understand this.
   Pet system is just one time make. I'm fine with it.
   WorldBoss is just like free content to give reward.  people rage becuase their don't have equipment for 24 heros.

the rage form all player mean their care&love for your game.

Pls fix problem at the root.

And you know. "People alway walk away from Greedy merchant."

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    2019.12.02 12:23 (UTC+0)


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    2019.12.02 12:28 (UTC+0)

    People need to understand that the devs aren't THAT oblivious to everything, they do understand what players want from them, in fact they've addressed these very problems already and did let us know that they aren't interested in fixing them directly, instead they've decided to stall for time with their partial micro solutions. 

    This is why people are so pissed, because SG makes it look like they're doing their best to fix the problems when in fact they're stockpiling them faster than fix anything. There will be no end to all this drama until either the devs stop being so freaking stubborn and start implementing things at least moderately close to what community is asking for, or players give up on the game and move along.

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    2019.12.02 16:51 (UTC+0)

    They wont listen. They say they do but when they fix something it usually comes with more bs

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