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Epic 7 need to clalify the direction Hardcore game or Casual game ? [1]

Now player are in mess spot becuase both Hardcore and Casual always want what they're wan't

Hardcore game've designed for Long time play

- Very grindy

- Low droprate

- Low enchant rate

- everything is hard

- massive of end game content Like World boss , Raid boss etc and everything need head to play not just skip content like this 

Hardcore player will happy when they've achive their Goal , can finish end game contents make them look cool .

Casual game've disigned for Short time play

- High drop rate

- High enchant rate

- everything is easy

- some endgame contents but can skip

Casual player will happy with Short term reward , they want to see Legendary sword drop every hours . 

now the problem is Epic 7 look like both but **** up becuase you guy have no direction

- Gold sink

- Low gold rate

- Everything is hard

- Enchant rate is nearly impossible

but you guy have no end game content to Satify player , end game content is not just another contents but it's big reward that's make player feel Happy / proud when they're playing / clearing . if you guy can't make Endgame contents you guy need to make everything easy and make Casual player happy .

pleae Clalify yourself .

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    2019.12.03 20:43 (UTC+0)

    Actually, no game wants to cater to one specific type. They want both, but pleasing them both isnt easy.

    Hardcore: 20%-Dedicated playerbase, works with whats given, links higher challenges. creates strategies.

    Casual: 50 %%-large player base, bigger voice, but dont stick around and goes for the next thing.

    Moderates: 30% Mix of both.

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