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Become White Knight or Rebelious Rouge [8]

I played a lot of gatcha games hero collector and similiar games like E7.

I Played since day one and Dedicate my time in E7, I left other games just for E7.

I was so promising Content, Character Design, Battle System, Balance, and Developer.

So seldom you gonna find a dev who updates or patch every two weeks.

I know drop rates are sucks, the equipment covertion was dumb, and Word boss kinda boring.

But can you be patient? And wait for dev fix things up? Then you decided to spam bad rating to playstore

So who's killing this game? Devs or you?

I am not white Knight i just love this game. I want to see more heroes and story even if i can't get my hand to those heroes.

I hope devs listen and Playerbase are patient. 

Thank you

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    2019.12.02 09:07 (UTC+0)

    They gonna kill this game with his hand. More than just one bad patch.

    I think side story it cool but it use time so long until next side story coming

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    2019.12.02 09:33 (UTC+0)

    this is kinda similar to dufflebag case of bethesda. just google it.

    one example: they said they understand the frustration of players experiencing bad rng from gear grind and they are designing something that will solve that frustration. there was 2 notes of that with each said more convincing than the previous. and the day they release gear conversion it was fiasco, it adds more frustration rather solving it. and they said they understand, UNDERSTAND.

    tell me, how long should they should be patient? until they add more rng? until all content was put behind a pay wall? until to log into the game requires you some another currency? people ran out of patience, hence the rage

    also do you know how hard it is to communicate with game company or devs? even with all this rage they dont even bother to communicate, release some sort clarification, and that makes people wonder what happen to them? do they really care and understand like they have stated or is that just an empty words?

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    2019.12.02 09:34 (UTC+0)

    It's hard to talk about patience because i swear i've been seeing people try to give the devs constructive criticisms since the early months of E7. The koreans snapped once and the devs say they gonna fix things, but the core problems of the game remain untouched. I see a lot of game being abandoned after the devs decided to ignore the most obvious bad features of the game. Needing one whole year to reach this phase is quiet miraculous.

    I don't support harassing the devs, but it's about time they give their game a much deserved love. You can see the satisfaction with the playerbase is quite high with Honkai Impact, Langrisser and GBF because their devs pour so much love to improving their game. Ofc there's still people who will keep on complaining about those 3 games, but the ratios are not as high as E7 right now.

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    2019.12.02 11:08 (UTC+0)

    dont worry, 2-3 months for free 5 nat as "compensation", like every player in this game, can invent better content idea then them. How can someone, who doesnt even play the game be in charge to make a new content. 

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    2019.12.02 12:39 (UTC+0)

    First sentence, "i played a lot of gacha game" okay that sounds like a good basis

    Not long after, "So seldom you gonna find a dev who updates or patch every two weeks"

    And i was like:

    Whats so seldom maybe not the game who give updates weekly, its your willingness to read their patch note. Even a pay2win game like a fk1n law of creation is pumping updates / event everyweek. wdym seldom

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    2019.12.02 18:28 (UTC+0)

    Just be a white knight. Being a rogue is ez with the way SG is behaving.

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    2019.12.02 19:21 (UTC+0)

    This sheep lol why should we wait they can fix anything they created right now not next week now this min this hour I don't want to be a sheep I want the game to be fix an playable at end game

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    2019.12.03 01:37 (UTC+0)

    Obviously they didn't think twice before releasing any of the recent new systems and updates. You know the fact that these systems sućk but are willing to sück up to it and choose to just passively wait and hope something will happen is just sad. 

    Things will only be better if you fight for it. Amen. 

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